Two very different perspectives... Which predictions have been accurate?

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I am not going to spend a lot of time on this post. I think sharing the two articles with VERY different information will give you plenty to think about on your own.

Which predictions that the alarmists have made for closing on two decades have come to pass?

Who has actually been more accurate?

Do you continue to trust people that continue to be wrong?

Why do you endorse paying people that appear to be really bad at their job? (That is if you assume their job to be what they say in public.)

Here are the two articles... Have fun.

Too Late! At Davos, John Kerry Predicts ‘Worst Consequences’ of Climate Change Despite Carbon Cutting Efforts

The New Pause lengthens: 100 Months with No Warming At All

If you happen to be one of those people that engages mental spam filters when you see something coming from Breitbart I can share a few articles about Kerry at Davos (WEF) from other places.

John Kerry Says We Need "Money, Money, Money, Money" To Combat 1.5 Degrees Of Climate-Change

Climate Czar John Kerry: ‘We planet saviors had extraterrestrial influence.’

I thought I'd throw this in here for those that still think the "Green agenda" being pushed by the "elites" has anything to do with being Green.


I added links to the article that came from as an edit to my post about Electric Vehicles (EVs) from a few days ago.


John Kerry is a piece of toxic waste .... an oxygen thief of the highest order . Thanks @dwinblood for driving me straight to the bottle.... a prerequisite requirement to contain blood pressure spikes from being exposed to these {censored censored censored}

Two sites that are both wrong.
and that is the really awful thing. You got A fighting with B... and so very few find out what is correct.

We are entering a mini-ice-age.
It looks like this year will be the start of seeing actual glaciers forming.
Soon, month long ice storms will be a normal occurrence.
Many people will be without power because snow load breaks power lines... for a month.

All this time, those mother WEFers are trying to ban fuel burning stoves.
The only source of heat when the power goes out.

The mother WEFers plans are to get the countries of the world to spend as much money as wastefully as possible. (and kill off 90% of the population)

Actually that second may not be incorrect. If you pay attention to the solar activity sun spot curve that'd explain potential cooling. It is possible but also it is something that some of these same alarmists have claimed before. Ice Age was popular in the 70s.

Could it be the case? Sure. Yet the data doesn't support it yet. The only thing that I've seen that seems to be spot on in ANY of the studies is solar activity.

You likely already know about this guy but just in case. Some good info.

mini ice-age? references to support this claim / theory?

Ummm, errr... from my life, it just seems like common knowledge...

I was introduced to a theory long ago.
That ice-ages aren't just about it getting cold. If it is just cold, then there is no rain to make huge glaciers, and then from that, this and this and this have to be true.

Sooo, i am watching things unfold, and this and this and this are happening exactly along the lines of the theory.

Anyway, ice age farmer used to talk about it on Steem
Here he is on bitchute, but i do not know which of his current stuff is on ice-age.

It will become very apparent that we are in an ice-age soon.
i am sorry, i do not know how to explain what has become a foundation of my thinking.
And i do not know how to find the books that started this way back then...

No problem, thanks for the links... I will explore some more. This is just something I have not come across before.... all the ecowarriors are saying what appears to be the opposite. Me personally, I believe us humans give ourselves more credit than we deserve... gaia will sort what she wants to sort {shrug}

Some of the proponents of Climate Change were pushing Ice Age as a fear in the 70s.

I'll look briefly as the same guy pushing fear about that was in climate change recently but wasn't pushing ice age.

Shot.... Erlich not my fave cup of tea. Will read the article.

Yeah Erlich is scum. Yet he started the Climate Change fear mongering before Al Gore and the Global Warming people did their bit. Erlich back then was warning of Ice Age.

Climate extremists have carved out a sweet ideology. One simply cries that the sky is falling.

Whenever there are harsh weather events they can then use the hardship to bash their opposition (ie, the people at large).

If the sky fails to fall; they can congratulate themselves on saving the planet.

It is a formula that can lead to massive wealth and power all while allowing the professors of the ideology a sense of intellectual and moral superiority.


I have kleptomania.
When it gets bad I have to take something for it.

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You got it. They have deployed this same approach in some other topics/areas as well because it has proven so effective for them. Scientism. Don't dare be a denier!!!