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RE: The Algorithm did it... The Code is Law.

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Did I say I did? Kindly show me. Again you seem to be looking for an escape hatch.

Why do you twist and turn and look for any corner to scurry into to try to nitpick and escape?

What is wrong with looking at the entirety of something?

EDIT: Some might call it cognitive dissonance. To me I suspect it is just a bad habit. Deflection. Looking for any reason to say "See... look here... look at this one thing... no ignore everything else... let's just point over here in this corner..."


i only have your words, as do other readers. i'm certain you use those words on purpose. you seem very careful. but if asked about them, you say otherwise, and accuse me of trying to manipulate you or run away.

i very much liked most of this article and i wanted to ruminate on it a bit, and the EDIT at the end with the offhand comments about guns left a sour taste in my mouth, along with the meme. you made those choices.

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EDIT at the end with the offhand comments about guns left a sour taste in my mouth,

This makes sense. I could see you engaging as such. Yet I stand by those words. If the truth leaves a sour taste then hopefully you acquire a taste for sour things.

Perhaps they were not offhand at all. Have you stopped to think how they might be relevant to the rest of the article?


Actually I am going to apologize to you. I do think I got a little too "cocky" in my response to you. I even think some of my responses were condescending. That was not my intention.

I can't justify it. I suspect it may be because I am trying to do too many different things today at once and I rushed my response.

That is no excuse. It is simply me trying to think about it. I do apologize for that. You don't deserve everything I said to you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me anyway. That says something. I'm actually a little impressed. :)