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RE: Do you sometimes toss your best thoughts into the void of some obscure comment section? I know I do.

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Only after reflecting can I say that such questions about a creator are irrelevant.

Only because whether there is or is not likely won't change how we act in our life. If you follow one of the human written texts then it likely would change the way you act. Whether that is good or bad is a subjective thing and also can depend a great deal on how you are convinced to act by whatever text you choose to follow.

Yet, that does not stop it from being an interesting thought experiment.

It could also be argued that there is one reason it may not be irrelevant. So many people believe it is relevant and they make decisions based upon it. It could remain irrelevant IF those decisions only impacted themselves. Once they start impacting other people who did not choose to have such impact then it becomes a relevant discussion as far as I am concerned.

I personally have no problem with people voluntarily pursuing to believe or follow such things. I only see it as an issue when they think they must push it upon other people and in some cases make laws and take actions that remove voluntary choice from other people.

I think people should lead by example not by force.

Can you recall or tell from the practical point of your life, if cultural aspects like I mentioned above, are still alive where you came from or where you live now?

The aspects of it that have been present in my life (I am 52) are still around as much as they ever were with the exception of being excised from marketing, and other institutions via force. Which I am opposed to.

It also depends a great deal where you live. Some places have removed it a great deal. Other places it remains as it was. Some places it has strengthened.

I do personally think there is a power in belief. Yet I think it is not so much due to what you choose to believe in but rather is part of the belief itself. It may be something measureable some day. That is partially why I think the healing value of prayer has been found to have some impact REGARDLESS of whom or what is being prayed to.

It to me explains why so many remotely removed religions have similar stories of "miraculous" things yet they certainly are not all practicing the same religion or praying to the same deity. That seems indicate to me that the deity does not matter so much when it comes to prayer. It is something about the act itself.

Then the thought experiment might arise. If millions of people believe in a thing and belief has some kind of energy. Where does that energy go, and what might come of it?