Do you know a quick path to turning the world brown and dead? Get rid of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

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The frequent vilification of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by the climate change zealots has some major issues that run counter to other narratives.


We began what is now called Climate Change (meaning anything) with warnings about impending Ice Ages. Then around the time frame of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" it became about Global Warming. Then as predictions made by the models failed to even remotely manifest they moved the goal posts and they stopped talking about Ice Ages, and Global Warming. They simply switched to "Climate Change" which is the superset which contains all of the others. If the climate does anything other than remain static (which has never happened throughout the life cycle of any of the planets) then they can say "See, it's climate change".

Now when I point this out they'll say that they mean "Anthropogenic Climate Change" and they are just leaving off that qualifier. They'll say when the label Climate Change is used that it is referring to human caused climate change.

These same people will tap into FEAR as is the go to thing to do in the world these days to get people to panic and react without thinking. The ocean levels are going to rise. The temperature is going to be insane. Then there is one of my favorites. The world is going to become brown and dead.

Then they blame CO2 as one of the main culprits. CO2 levels according to core samples, tree rings, etc. are close to the lowest levels found throughout these samples. It is also important to know that CO2 is required by plants. Some green houses intentionally push more CO2 into the greenhouse to increase the production. In general higher levels of CO2 lead to greater plant growth and greening. This is important because plants produce oxygen which other life forms like us need.

In the past times we had giant animals and giant insects as evidenced by fossils. This was possible due to an increased atmospheric pressure AND an increased amount of oxygen. They also had a lot more CO2 than we do today and by extension had a lot more plant life.

If we start pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere when it is at one of the lowest levels in history then to me that sounds like it would lead to browning. There would be insufficient CO2 for extensive plant growth.

It is interesting that many people pushing this CO2 is the bad thing narrative often happen to be vegetarians or vegans. They want us all to switch to plant based food while at the same time the climate change narrative is targeting CO2 which will make production of plants more difficult.

I've lived around lots of pavement and have experienced "Heat Islands" so yes there are ways mankind is changing things. We are also polluting and I have been against pollution since long before global warming was a thing in the narrative. I am still a proponent for dealing with ALL pollution. The problem is that CO2 is nowhere near any level that it should be considered pollution.

In fact attacking CO2 actually could lead to "Anthropogenic Climate Change" in the form of plant die off and browning. Temperature has very little to do with it in this case. It is purely about suffocating and inhibiting plant growth.

Pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere is a very bad idea at the moment.

If you want to target poisonous byproducts like chloroflouro carbons (sp) then I am there with you. We should be dealing with what those are doing to the ozone layer whether you care about climate change or you do not.

One thing I can tell you... The climate will change with or without our help. Yet if you don't want it to change start thinking and try spending less time letting fear be the pilot in control of your mind.


Life is made of carbon compounds. The shrill argument that carbon is somehow anti-life is absurd.

There are sound arguments against any industry which pulls large amounts of substance from the ground and into the air and water. These arguments apply to all things mined on a large scale such as mercury, lead, salt along with fossil fuels.

I know the importance of the salt cycle in the oceans. Salt plays a huge role in regulating life. I find it absurd that our government mines salt and dumps it on roads. The stuff corrodes the rebar in metal bridges and seems to radically change the vegetation growing alongside highways.

I support conservation. We should be attentive to what we consume. The conservation doesn't just apply to one silly thing. Conservation is part of the process of optimizing the return we receive from the resources on this planet.

Of course, the radical left is not really interested optimizing resources. Modern environmentalism is about using opposition to gain political control.

The scientific argument is that humanity should think seriously about any process which pulls a large amount of sequestered materials from the ground and into our air and water.

Yes. There are valid concerns. Most of them I think got a lot more attention until all of the attention became focused on "Climate Change". I wonder if that might be intentional. Misdirection as it were so people stop truly paying attention to other areas that were getting attention prior to the Global Warming fear focus.

Many of those climate enthusiasts, if not all, actually don't care about climate change. They are just pretending. Same thing for this COVID-19, with politicians and bureaucrats forcing children to mask up.

I suspect it's about money and control because, unfortunately, fear sells.

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Yep. It is just more fear porn.

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I think cancel culture is a symptom of mental laziness. People don't want to think. They want it as easy as possible so they can go about doing other things. They get easily offended and they virtue signal so they can feel like they are DOING something. It is pure emotion and no reason.

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Yep forever damned. That's why we should never apologize to people in this mindset. They will use any apology as a chance to further destroy you.