Major Study Finds Covid-19 "Vaccines" Cause Sudden Death From Myocarditis

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ZeroHedge is reporting on a study from a major German university-hospital, which found people who died suddenly after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination were killed by auto-immune myocarditis (damage and inflammation of the heart). The peer-reviewed scientific study has been published in the prestigious journal Clinical Research in Cardiology. It used autopsies of recently-vaccinated healthy people who dropped dead to show it is the Covid-19 spike proteins which the immune system recognizes as toxic. After mRNA injection, the spike proteins are expressed on every cell in the body, but especially in the circulatory system, causing the body to attack and destroy parts of the heart, leading to arrhythmia, heart failure, and death.

"Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis."

It's great to have confirmation from an esteemed leader in cardiac research for something we have known almost 2 years - the Covid "vaccines" by Pfizer and Moderna are destroying people's hearts. My wife @MediKatie has been following this from the start, tracking how serious injuries and deaths from myocarditis and other heart problems follow mRNA injection, using official government data. Thanks to the German Cardiac Society, now we know exactly how this is happening!

But personally, it's a bit scary for me, because I've had unexplained arrhythmia (rapid irregular heartbeat), shortness of breath, and chest pain for over a year now. As a retired medical professional, I know the seriousness of myocarditis (arrhythmia with chest pain), but have been unable to get proper diagnosis or treatment because of Canada's broken healthcare system. I talked about it recently here, but today I want to share with you a comment I left on ZeroHedge about this issue.

"The best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is NO MYOCARDITIS!"

This is a joke that has been going around for a few months in alternate media circles. (Also common is the term "Pureblood", meaning someone who refused the "vaccine".) It would be clever and funny... if it were based in reality. But it isn't.

That attempted humour made top comment on the article, demonstrating the ignorance even among awake people about this incredibly important topic. With a few edits for clarification, here was my reply:

Yeah, seen that joke around for months now. Wouldn't it be funnier (and nice) if it was true?

I am a conspiracy theorist - even declared on YouTube 13 years ago that I am proudly so, and asserted my suspicion in late 2020 of the mRNA injections. But I developed myocarditis for no apparent reason in November 2021.

I'm a medical professional who left my career behind when they tried to force the swine flu vaccine on me in 2009. I walked away, like my colleges did over the current "vaccine", but this was before it was trendy to do so. I'm in my 40s, fit, and had a very healthy heart until now. I spoke out against the Covid injections both to my friends/family, and online to my 20000+ followers, relentlessly for more than 2 years now (and was heavily censored and shadowbanned on all major platforms for doing so). I was warning people not to take the injections long before statist John Campbell (aka "doctor lockdown") clued in to the conspiracy. I've done dozens of videos, and more than 100 articles, saying they were going to cause autoimmune disorders and heart problems. My parents and siblings (who shun me because I'm a conspiracy theorist) all took the shots and boosters despite my pleas.

For over a year, my heart has been pounding out of my chest on a regular basis, irregular and over 150 bpm. My normal pattern was slow and steady, about 55 bpm. Now, for several hours a day - or sometimes even ALL day (and night) - I'm in arrhythmia. It stops and starts, it flutters, it pounds so hard I just about puke... and there's no controlling or predicting it. I'm not anxious, I'm eating well, I don't use drugs (even caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol), and I'm not doing anything that would cause this. I also occasionally have central chest pain, both sharp and stabbing, and dull and crushing. When the arrhythmia has been going for hours on end, my heart really starts to tire, and I get very short of breath even at rest, and sometimes dizzy. My legs swell up in the evenings (heart failure). I have remained calm, even though I recognize these as signs I'm likely to just drop dead. I feel lucky to still be alive.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't have "free healthcare" in Canada. We have almost no healthcare at all, period. I had to move my crippled wife and our 2 babies to a small Northern town because there was NOWHERE to rent in Southern BC (thanks, housing crisis caused by Trudeau's flood of immigrants!) There are no doctors in town accepting patients. There is a small clinic, but they say "you're too sick to be seen here". That leaves me with the local ER.

At the ER, unless flat on your back or spurting arterial blood, you wait 6+ hours to be seen. When I went, I sat with coughing and wheezing kids all around me, forced to wear a mask I know doesn't work (and may kill me by reducing my oxygen level). I heard several other healthy-looking men check in with heart symptoms. When my turn finally came, they said they needed proof of my arrhythmia (my medical training or simply common sense was not enough, they acted as though I was lying) so they ordered an ECG (simple test with electrodes on the chest). As "luck" would have it, I wasn't in arrhythmia at the moment the test was done. They took some blood and sent me home. They called a few days later to say nothing turned up.

I investigated the bloodwork. Turns out they hadn't done ANY test that could have shown a problem. No white blood cell count, no troponin level (checks for recent heart attack), no D-Dimer (checks for recent blood clots), nothing.

So nothing was done for me and I'm back at square one, suffering almost every day. It's hard to take care of myself, let alone my wife and our 2 babies. The pounding and pain keeps me awake most nights. I can't even get a sleeping pill - those are heavily controlled here, not that I can see a doctor. When your heart isn't working, you really notice it, and you learn to appreciate the moments that it is. Man, I miss my regular heartbeat.

Early this year, I began researching what could be happening, on my own. We know that the bioweapon virus itself provides a dose of the spike proteins that damage heart tissue and trigger an autoimmune response, but I don't think I had an infection anywhere near the time the arrhythmia started up. I had it once at the very start (Feb 2020), and once again this summer (July 2022), but as far as I know, no infection in October/November 2021. So it doesn't seem to be that.

Next, I theorized (there I go again!) that something was transferring from mRNA shot recipients, to people around them. We have a very talented and principled doctor (currently on trial for spreading "medical disinfo") here in BC, named Dr. Charles Hoffe. His entire town (Lytton) was burned to the ground by a suspicious fire in 2021 when he was calling out our public health officials for pushing the mRNA shots before determining they were safe or effective, and proving that D-Dimer tests can be used to show micro blood clotting after vaccination. He tours the province giving speeches and sharing the latest in scientific studies from reputable universities. I met him after a speech, and asked him if something is transferring to people who haven't taken the shots. He told me yes, this is now 100% confirmed, although at the time we weren't yet sure if it was spike proteins, graphene oxide, or something else. But something is definitely shedding from the injected to those around them, through breath, body fluids, and skin contact.

I uploaded a video of our conversation. It was deleted on YT and I was banned for 30 days for "medical disinfo". In short, scientists have confirmed unvaccinated people are getting sick and dying from something that came from nearby vaccinated people.

So that's most likely what got me, transfer from the jabbed. From the people I tried to warn, but was called a crazy conspiracy theorist. By people who don't have a degree or background in medicine, as I do. By the people who watch CBC and CNN religiously. By the people who trust Fraudci and the Canadian public health officials on TV. And what was happening here in BC when I first developed symptoms? It was the rollout of the first booster shots.

So yeah, definitely avoid becoming a spike protein factory (the mRNA bioweapon shots). But please be aware, that's not the only way to get spike proteins (and consequently, myocarditis). You can get them from vaxxed people in your household, at your workplace, and out in public. You can definitely also get them from doctors and nurses, who here in BC are 100% vaxxed by mandate. And you can get spike proteins from the bioweapon virus itself (billions), although not as many as you get when you take the bioweapon injections (trillions).

That's why "pureblooded" makes little sense. Your blood isn't pure (free of the toxic spike proteins) unless you've never had Covid, and you've never been around anyone who took the mRNA injections. Most of us that haven't been living at an outpost in Antarctica have some degree of spike protein contamination, sadly.

And this is also why "the best part about being a conspiracy theorist is no myocarditis" makes little sense. I get the attempt at humour, but it simply doesn't add up when you know that myocarditis is happening to plenty of conspiracy theorists - plenty of people who were smart enough to not take the gene manipulation shots.

It hurts to have been right all along, mocked and censored for it, proven right, and now censored for trying to tell my story. Hopefully at least one intelligent ZeroHedge member sees this comment and avoids going down with myocarditis because of it. All the best.

NOTE: My video "Experimental vaccine? You go first, I'll wait and see" was deleted by YouTube for "medical disinfo" and I was banned for 30 days, almost losing my 15 year account permanently. But I was right, it IS experimental, and I was absolutely right to be hesitant. I was one of the first to publicly warn of the potential dangers of these mRNA shots, and I was silenced. Meanwhile, billions have been injected, and millions have been killed... with more dropping all the time.

2 years later, if you're still on the fence about this not-really-a-vaccine, please, wake up and smell the heart attacks. We now know for certain these injections don't prevent transmission, and don't even keep you out of hospital. They are far worse than the virus itself. And nobody - NOBODY - knows what the long term effects of this technology are going to be. Both are bioweapons created by Fauci and Gates. If you take these shots, not only are you slow-killing yourself, but you're doing the same to innocent people around you who were smart enough to resist the pressure, coercion, financial abuse, and intense manipulation from media, government, family, and friends. Please, stop, while there's still time. IF there's still time.



In place of 'conspiracy theorist', I've simply called myself a 'conspiracy realist' for years now. I'm sorry that your health has been so negatively affected by these bioweapons. I really appreciate posts like yours. Thank you! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

I'm sorry to hear of your poor health. I had a heart attack in Jan 2020 that I suspect was caused by the bioweapon(s), but of course, there is no way I can verify that it was. All we can do is live each day we are granted to the fullest.

"And nobody - NOBODY - knows what the long term effects of this technology are going to be. Both are bioweapons created by Fauci and Gates."

Seems to me Fauci and Gates might have some idea.


Shit bro hope you feel better soon. I still think you knowing about graphene oxide, the spike proteins, helped you reduce the risk of micro clotting because you made a conscious effort not be around freshly jabbed people that produces spikes for 2 weeks(and even after).
There are info circulating about MRNA being développed in food, I wouldnt exclude the chemtrails hypothesis too.

Here is something that might help you but more related to graphene oxide poisoning: Glutathione.

Also a good amount of information being shared at the moment between ultra violet light and SPIONS (I'm sure you are familiar with the term) activation.
In other words, certain myocarditises can be caused by frequency or light (given that you've been injected).

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I can attest to the same conditions in Canada here. The health care system is crumbling as hundreds of thousand of immigrants pour in with no housing or doctors and health facilities to support them.

I suffered a strange event where myself and another family member became ill within hours of being exposed to a person that had taken the shot the day before. That person also had what looked like partial black eye's (blood clotting?). Who knows for sure but it sure was a strange coincidence. Do what you can to flush out any spike proteins from your body. It has been reported that NAC and Glutathione help. Strangely enough there was some interesting discussion from a doctor discussion how nicotine can force the body to let go of spike protein that has connected to cells. Who knows for sure but if you're sick you should try everything you can. More vitamin C, D, Zinc, Quercetin, ECGC among other vitamins.

Do whatever you can to detox. Bentonite clay, zeolite and activated charcoal and fruit pectin and cilantro can also help chelate heavy metals out of the body.

Hope you found treatments to your condition.

I had Cvd multiple times (non-vaccinated), and probably one of the first few in Cebu Philippines (Feb/March 2020). Had terrible 'pneumonia' on 1st time, but thanks to the meds I was okay in 5th day. March-December 2020, I had difficulty breathing (wheezing) even if I no longer had other COVID/pneumonia/flu symptoms, swabs were already negative. In 2021 to date, had a few infections, but mostly asymptomatic. I did cardio, but mostly running and heavy gardening, it helped with the wheezing, but so far no irregular heartbeats.

Not sure with Cvd infection causing myo, bc the vrus stays in the lungs and not go to the bloodstream. Being forced to go sedentary lockdowns, maybe, but not an expert.