Major study: Covid lockdowns, closures, restrictions, limitations, and masks DO NOT SAVE LIVES!

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A huge Johns Hopkins University study is making global headlines today after finally settling the debate on lockdowns, masks, and restrictions, concluding they have NOT been effective at reducing Covid deaths! This is something I have been heavily censored for saying now for the past 2 years, including being permanently banned from FaceBook and all-but losing my 15 year YouTube channel. What was "conspiracy theory" and "medical disinformation" last week is now accepted fact, and being spread far and wide by the corporate media!

Below are key conclusions of the study:

  • "Overall, our meta-analysis fails to confirm that lockdowns have had a large, significant effect on mortality rates. Studies looking at facemasks, closing non-essential businesses, border closures, school closures, and limiting gatherings also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality."

  • "We do find some evidence that limiting gatherings was counterproductive and increased COVID-19 mortality."

  • "In the early stages of a pandemic, before the arrival of vaccines and new treatments, a society can respond in two ways: mandated behavioral changes or voluntary behavioral changes. Our study fails to demonstrate significant positive effects of mandated behavioral changes."

  • "Lockdowns have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.

Lockdowns, school closures, border closures, sheltering in place, quarantines, social distancing, gathering limits, house arrest, and most other restrictions don't prevent Covid deaths. Limiting gatherings appears to increase Covid infections and deaths. The only measure that may have reduced deaths is closing bars and clubs. Mandating mask use does not decrease deaths, but there is some evidence for selective voluntary masking.

Aside from closing bars, no Covid measures reduced Covid deaths, but they caused significant damage to society and killed a lot of people. In addition to eroding freedom, destroying the economy, and reshaping society, lockdowns have contributed to family division, alcoholism, addictions, depression, anxiety, suicides, destroyed relationships, and a generation of scarred children.

We've known this wasn't about health and safety all along. The official Covid narrative has completely fallen apart since the calendar flipped to 2022, now including the admission that almost everything they forced upon us just got a lot more people hurt and killed. The study doesn't speculate on whether this was "involuntary manslaughter" or "first degree murder", and I'll leave that for you to ponder. Either way, it's absolutely crystal clear that lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions must end immediately.



I haven't been much more than a ghost on Facebook since 2015 but that is pretty crazy you got the boot on there and also on YouTube.

It has been weird how some of these counties keep trying to double down on mandates and lockdowns.

Any studies that come out they sort of ignore them and try to act like it is a radical group perpetuating conspiracy theories.

I was always saying from the beginning that the cheap masks weren't hardly doing anything and that if this whole thing was that serious people would wear hazmat suits or full face respirators.

As countries start dropping their mandates it will be interesting to see who just keeps doubling down over and over again on them.

Great comment, thank you.
Yeah, my wife and I tried to do activism via FB for many years, in addition to having our personal accounts. The censorship just got worse and worse. We did a lot of cannabis activism leading up to "legalization" (which is just Prohibition 2.0), and I've been awake and helping others wake up for 15 years, so I've become pretty shadowbanned and censored everywhere they can. I exist on "alternate" platforms and blockchains now. Every so often I throw a softball video up on YT in the hopes people will get the hint that I'm still alive, and come searching for me. But if I actually say that, the video gets taken down, and I get a strike. Just like when I speak the truth about lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and when I speak in favour of freedom. I hope we can get this cancer out soon because it has taken over just about every aspect of our modern lives.

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Holy Shit! This study is gold. Thanks for bringing this to light @drutter.

You're welcome.
It was on a bunch of mainstream platforms right off the bat, but you're right, it has kinda been hushed. I don't see it anywhere now, and it's not easy to find those articles. It's like they knew they had to cover it, but just barely.

You could not say this on social media last week! It got you banned on Twitter, FB, YT, etc.... now it's on every news website, radio, and newspaper!
They're letting the narrative implode. I don't know why yet... but it's going to be nice to see Covid bullshit go away. We win this battle, but the war for Liberty wages on.

Don't count on it being uncensored just yet. Remember when the American Heart Association was censored when they cited real science?

True, there will be some battles at every level to get information and disinformation out to various people and groups. The infowar continues!

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Honk honk!

Who's there?

Mandate freedom, bitches!

Hahaha that Turdeau is such a coward. Canada has no leader.

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Damn a permanent Fakebook ban. Most I've ever gotten was a month

You can believe me I'm against the whole hysteria we are within for years now, but one thing i do not agree is the "mask situation", imho it's good for everyone and not just because of Covid, in the case of any other diseases, while we speak we are sprinkling out micro-sized saliva drops, the masks stop them.
If it would be so terrible to wear it, and would cause any problems in the long term why none of the doctors protested against it, since some of them had to wear these items daily for decades, especially the surgeons.
I think it's important to mention: I'm unvaxxed, had the deasease at2020 proven without hard symptoms at all, and probably recently too without any symptoms.

Yes, humans have always exchanged germs when in close contact. If somebody wants to distance themselves, or wear protection, they have that right.

Yeah it should be an option, not a mandate i agree…

Also, cloth masks and Medical masks do not stop viruses from spreading. Medical masks were to stop doctors from sweating and or coughing/sneezing onto a patien that is undergoing surgery. They don't walk around the hospital wearing Medical masks unless in surgery if you have been to a hospital.

The reason you don't want to cough/sneeze into a person during their surgery is so that you don't get salive from your mouth into their open wounds(which can cause infection). The only masks that actually FILTER viruses from getting out is a N-95 or KN-95. Everything else is bullshit.

And lots of studies to find the exact ways that masks can and can't help us... then educate people so they can buy/make and use them correctly.