The Future of Africa - Youth and Technology

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The buzz of technology cannot be overlooked in the world of today. It surrounds us all the time, almost like we breathe it.

In a continent like Africa, where most countries are grappling with the fangs of corruption, lack of political will, poverty, technology is fast becoming an important tool in the hands of the youngsters of Africa.


Even though there is a lot ascribed to crime from the products of technology (e.g cybercrime), there is much more good happening in the world of innovation in Africa.
And the majority of it comes from the young population of Africa.

The advent of the internet has also massively contributed to the engagement of the young population.

The future of Africa is in the young population.
But will the future truly be found in technology?

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Very beautiful post and great explanatory and educational video! Sincere congratulations and keep up the good work! That being said, it was very interesting to discover so many great things about the African continent from recent statistics! Keep up the good work, all the best, much health, and have a great evening! You just earned one sturdy follower here on the HIVE blockchain! Cheers! :)

P.S.: I also subscribed to your Youtube channel! :)

Thank you so much for the words!!🥺
I really appreciate them!

Thanks for the subscribe too!

You're most welcome! You deserve it for all your hard work! Keep it and much health! All the best for you and for Africa! :)

The future of Africa is in the young population.
But will the future truly be found in technology?

The future of Africa which I believe is now- the present, will be found in technology, agriculture, etc. We are really innovating some really unique ideas and tech platforms in recent times.

This was such a nice video to watch especially with being a Nigerian and African.
Welldone @draysax

Yes, we have a lot of tech hubs coming up recently!
And yes, Agriculture is one thing we're gradually beginning to gain proper insight into.

Thank you very much @peaq