COVID vaccines kill more people than they save, according to the UK data: Steve Kirsch

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According to Steve Kirsch whose research is typically solid official UK data suggests that if all cause mortality were to be taken into account you were noticeably more likely to die if you were vaccinated against COVID-19 than if you were not. So much so that, quoting Kirsch, "if you are 25 years old, the vaccine kills 15 people for every person it saves from dying from COVID".

I have not comprehensibly checked Kirsch's calculations (might still do that) but some surface-level examination of source data suggests he may well be right. For example, this ONS table (.xlsx) for January 2022 which is well info the vaccination campaign lists 36712
non-COVID caused deaths for the vaccinated and 1309 non-COVID caused deaths for the unvaccinated. This particular dataset is for England. 91% of the people in the UK were vaccinated with at least one dose in January 2022. Assuming the ratio is roughly the same for England we have the vaccinated experiencing death at the rate of about 403.4 persons per 1% of population and the unvaccinated at the rate of 145.4 persons per 1% of population. That is one of surface level (admittedly, very imprecise) checks you can run to see if Kirsch's conclusions make sense - and all such checks are consistent with Kirsch's theses. And, to add further weight to his argument, the very fact that the scientific and media mainstream is effectively trying to ignore him as opposed to ripping his argument to shreds, if that is what it deserves, further shows that Kirsch is most likely correct.

And to some extent even the FDA may be moving away from the notion of COVID vaccines being "safe and effective". The fact that it all but pulled the Janssen vaccine out of circulation is evidence of that.

Looks like it is high time to have an honest and open public discussion about these vaccines, the deception and other malfeasance involved in their creation and application, and hold those who broke the law in the process accoutable.


New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save
Steve Kirsch, 5 May 2022

Deaths by vaccination status, England
Archived 27 April 2022

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK

The use of Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine is all but stopped by FDA order

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We also don't know that clients died due to whether coronavirus or vaccine after infection.

I heard that some people became infected after taking the vaccine, so both could be the reason in some cases.

You don't need to know in each individual case. This is a matter of statistical analysis.

Can't agree more on this with you my friend🤜🤛

It sounds more like a Trial phase rather than pure medication

You mean that these vaccines are experimental? Yes, absolutely they are.

Exactly ! The rush and hush business strategies,in the name of medicine ,well played in all this COVID times doesn't make you wonder my friend...!!!???

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