COVID-19 vaccines: not effective, not long lasting, sometimes harmful

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This is just a quick recap of recent COVID news that has crossed my desk.

In February of 2022 a study came out in The Lancet basically demonstrating - and confirming previous reports of like nature - that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines goes to a quarter or less of its original level in about a half year. The authors thought it was reason for offering further boosters. Personally, given the vaccines' low effectiveness to being with, and presence of many alternative options for managing COVID-19 infection I would think it more appropriate to consider alternatives and reconsider the usefulness of these vaccines. And, naturally, it is one more reason to stop mandating these vaccinations - as if more reasons were even needed.

Now another report is that of a young woman who has developed an out-of-control eczema covering most of her face and making her completely miserable as a result of receiving these vaccinations. Note, by the way, that doctors treated her, in today's climate, would likely be very hesitant to tie this to these vaccinations for fear of losing their jobs, So be that ias it may - she likely suffered this as a result of, as she states, following government edicts and getting her shots. So once again: the government is not all-knowing, nor is it your friend. Remember that at all times!

So she is effectively disabled at the moment, even though she is young and claims to have been a competitive fitness enthusiast, with an appearance to match. No, this is not the worst possible outcome from a COVID shot - I just found it poignant and thought that was a story worth sharing.

So once again - COVID shots are not effective, they are far from harmless, the infection is not much of a threat to most people. Then why are the powers that be in so many locales pushing it so hard? Is it about healthcare, or about pharma profits, or about social control?


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It is a big game bro, the pharma companies paid huge bribes to governments for approvals and covert trials. A virus that keeps mutating cannot be treated with vaccines, they just making this virus more strong and creating health issues for human populations.

I know how hard is the life for those who fell victim to different health issues after vaxed specially booster shots.

Covid vaccine has only one good effect, and that is HARMFUL! Their plan was to inject this so it will be easier for them to utter human being and to create a world of their own. Depopulating the world for their useless reasons.

I have seen that even those who got vaccinated last year are now against to get it again.