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RE: Elon: The Ultimate Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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This is simply not true.

Musk's main motivation is making humans a multi-planetary species - a position he came into in 2001 after reading Dr Robert Zubrin's book "The Case for Mars" and supporting The Mars Society. Zubrin is one of Musk's biggest influences and is close to Musk.

I know this because I was a founding member of The Mars Society in 1998, established its Australian chapter and have known Dr Robert Zubrin personally for 25 years.

See also

Musk has taken contrary positions to the WEF agenda on everything from global deomgraphics (Musk warns of population decline because of low fertility) to free speech, to being pro-GOP.

Musk has his own agenda, very different to the Davos Crowd, which he is quite explicit about and which he has put not just billions into but also his heart and soul.

And to suggest that Musk is wearing sheep's clothing and is pretending to be something he isn't is utter rubbish.

The guy has Asperger's Syndrome - the main feature of which is that he says exactly what he is thinking without appropriate filtering.

He is the complete opposite of the Davos Crowd who pretend to be one thing and are something else entirely.


Hey Andrew, thanks for the comment.
"This is simply not true" - What isn't true?
You didn't address any reference from the video itself (I assume you didn't watch it), so I'm not sure what you're specifically suggesting is untrue.

Unless someone is generally on board with the primary concepts surrounding transhumanism and human-AI interfacing then there's clearly going to be issues to be had with this individual, or at least a balanced conversation about what propping up individuals like this leads to. This is why I referred to him as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" because of what the future holds when we hail transhumanists/futurists like this without any reasonable conversation.

"And to suggest that Musk is wearing sheep's clothing and is pretending to be something he isn't is utter rubbish." - This is the kind of emotional response I often receive from people who idolise Musk.

He may not be like the majority of the Davos crowd, happy to grant that. But again, that doesn't mean that he doesn't fundamentally abide by the same premises that drive their core agendas.

Note you didn't touch on China affiliations and Epstein connections. Either intentionally or because you didn't watch the video to which you decided to comment on.

Here is my full post in response. Thanks for inspiring me.

You are right that I haven't watched all the videos you linked. I will try to and comment further.

Dude, why are you referring to me as writing a "hit piece" and then proceeding to write long posts about this topic without even watching the video to which it relates to?!