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RE: Medical Emergency in Covid - 19 time

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Really saddened! hope she is better now!
I still remember, when my mom said, in any situation don't take me to the hospital, just get the best possible advise only from the family doctor! Though she was COPD patient and knew that it would remain as long as she is alive and therefore feared the unnecessary hassles and the never ending tiresome hospital processes that drain out every single last drop of blood and empty your pockets...yet there are helpless people who have to go and be the victims of this absolutely nerve wreaking and arduous process to get the treatment. Some get simply lucky to come out of it with results and some just succumb.
Covid-19 has added a lot more pain to this process, but some just say it more of the "Fear" than the actual reality, since Indians have better immunity than the west. Though, I too do see that the Covid-19 fear has almost faded away and general public getting back to their normal lives. But Hospitals continue to make quick buck! Alas !!! The apathy of Medical profession towards a commoner !


But Hospitals continue to make quick buck

That is what hurts me most - so pathetic governance. And she is better now, and shifted to a private room. For the first time, in my life, they told me they would charge extra to provide blankets/towels to the attendant 😃 even though they charge 5.5k per day for the room.

OMG! That's absolutely ridiculous! charging for blankets/towels...thats pretty clever move, since they are playing on fear factor with Covid-19, they want to provide you with extra special service at an extra cost and you wont be able to deny, in any case ! God help all of us!