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RE: Our Hive Power Delegations to the February PUM Winners

in Hive Power9 months ago (edited)

Congratulations to all who made it to the end with me. I'm confused, though. I successfully completed my first PUM, I got my badge, I was mentioned in the winner's list, but I notice that I am not in the list of those receiving delegation. What happened?


Yep, me too…
I noticed 12 winners are not in the list. Hope the @hivebuzz team will look into it.

Hrmmm...maybe no delegations are given for the first time round? If so, that should be mentioned beforehand. I'll keep going the same way I did for last month, it's just a bit of a buzz kill.

As far as I know, everybody that wins the badge should get a delegation. 52 people… 12 are missed.
I know HiveSQL was down for a couple of days, maybe it caused errors?!

If it is for a different reason, hope someone can explain it to us.

That's what I thought, too. HigeSQL being down might be the reason, though 12 people are a lot to miss. I'm very curious to learn the reason.

Me too….
I wait, no idea who (or where) to contact further. Not that long here on Hive.

I'm hoping that @arcange and the @hivebuzz team are aware of it, and can either rectify it or explain the situation. 🙏💚

Sorry about that hiccup. It's been fixed now.
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