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RE: Our Hive Power Delegations to the October PUM Winners

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I want to say that although I was mentioned here to receive a 40 HP delegation, no delegation was received after this post. I'm not upset at all. I noticed it a while ago, and am just now getting around to letting you know. I post every day as a commitment and challenge for myself, so whether I receive delegations or not, it won't change what I do here. I figure that there were some holes in the system if someone gets tagged to receive a delegation and that delegation is not sent. In any case, I appreciate what you do @hivebuzz! 😁🙏💚✨


Damn, it looks like our delegation script failed somewhere. It's been fixed and you should see your delegation.

Your script just undelegated the 40 HP that it just delegated to me...😂.

Yep for me too, just 2 days… hahaha 🤣

Oh lordy...well, at least I know it's not just me...😂!

Nope, I see more…

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I'm so curious how they're going to sort this out this month! 🤔😜🤪

Yep, me too 😉😊 hope they see us commenting 😇🤓

Hehe...yeah, I'm hoping the same. @hivebuzz? @arcange? 🤞👋

It's been a bit bumpy this month. It should be better for the next PUM

Hehe...all good! I'm just glad that you're aware of the issues. I super appreciate what y'all do! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

@hivebuzz I noticed the same as @tydynrain… No delegation received either yet… maybe check everybody, as I see more made an comment about it.
Thanks for all your hard work 🤓 though. We do appreciate!

Yep, I guessed that if it happened to me that it likely happened to others too. That was part of my motivation for finally mentioning it. Thanks @littlebee4! 😁🙏💚✨

Did you receive it now? I haven’t yet…
Yep, got it. Good thing. I was just checking if something was mentioned and saw your message.
Have a wonderful day my friend 👋🏻😊

Fixed. Sorry for the delay.

That’s a bit short… only 2 days… ? Don’t you think @hivebuzz
I think the script isn’t adjusted with the new end date… 🤓 probably also with everybody else…


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It's been a bit bumpy this month. It should be better for the next PUM.

Let’s hope it’s not as bumpy next month @hivebuzz
No worries, we understand. Have a wonderful week further 👋🏻😊 thanks for all you do!

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Thanks 😎 no worries… these things happen. I understand.

Hope the others got it too now 🤓
Have an awesome week further @hivebuzz

All good! I figured that it was a script failure somewhere.Thank you so much!

So, I could see, that tydynrain got his delegation. But how is it with the other winners? No delegation this month?

Grrrr, damn script! 😖
Fixed! Thank you for notifying

Today you undelegated :) very short time for reward