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RE: The 7th edition of the Hive Power Up Month starts today!

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Going to go for this again this month. I missed that last couple, fingers crossed I don't miss a day!
Happy HivePUD and Happy PUM!


I'm still a little confused by PUD and PUM.

Well PUD is only on the first, and you just need to Power Up at least 10 Hive, PUM Power Up Month means you need to either power up one hive every day os the month and/or write a post every day set to 100% HP. Hivebuzz has great writeups on what you need to do.

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Thanks, @tengolotodo. I was being cheeky as I thought you'd explain in a simplistic way that I would understand. And you did! 😍

hehe okay I was wondering if that was enough info for you:)

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