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RE: Hive Power Up Month Challenge - January 2023 Winners List

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WOWOW we did it Again 😍
Thanks HiveBuzz and I will try to do it again and again

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Me too bro πŸ₯°

WOWOOWOW Congratz Bhaijan and good luck 😁

@shrazi and @shahzad-ansari maybe i should participate

Actually yes, @nazneen-ansari participated in the entire January to the Power Up Month badge and missed one day in the last week. Now @saif-ul-wahab also wants power up month badge. 😁

That was really sad, I missed it with just one day πŸ₯΄. Days pass by very fast and you dont realize, but I am happy I tried πŸ‘

It is important that you tried, because those who try never fail. And you are the superwoman of our family. You have so many responsibilities that give you a lot of power so this digital power is nothing in front of it. Am I right? @shrazi @rosecane @saif-ul-wahab

Hahaha thats nice I have so many real power ups in form of my real family so I can live with not having the digital one 😜

Yes, Bhabi G can do it...

Absolutely, she is superwoman, no doubt :)

Yes, yes yes

You're becoming a regular @shrazi πŸ˜†

congrats Bhaijaan & Shabhai, now i want to take part in it toooooooooo hehehe