Hive Power Up Day : July 1st, 2022

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Hello Everyone.
This is my first post in the Hive Power community. what a great opportunity that I have today Hive Power with a small amount. I do not feel discouraged with low funds, but I am very excited to increase Hive Power every month by any amount. I am very grateful for traciyok, because with the post about Hive Power Up, I know that it is very important to do Power Up every month.

Right now I still have very little Hive power, so this is my reason to keep improving myself in the future. And I am convinced that this method is the best for investment. Hive has given me experience investing and finding amazing people in different countries.

With 16 Hives, I am very grateful to be able to do Hive Power Up this month. In the future, I really hope I can keep improving with more numbers than this month. After Hive Power Up, I get the badge for the month. It was really cool and completely genuine.

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Keep it up, you're doing well with the HP!


Thank you brother @killerwot

2500 followers? you are The Man!

congratulations with the 1st post in the Hive Power community, and with successfull HPUD day. mission completed! best day of every month, actually. have a !BEER, my fungi loving friend.

Thank you so much brother..

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Hey @anzirpasai, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that you can use BEER at dCity game to **buy dCity NFT cards** to rule the world.

Congratulations @anzirpasai! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 1 badge.
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

The 7th edition of the Hive Power Up Month starts today!
Hive Power Up Day - July 1st 2022
NFT for peace - Thank you for your continuous support

Congrats on your power up @anzirpasai.

BTW, may I ask you to support the HiveSQL proposal? It lost its funding recently and your help would be much appreciated.
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, or using HiveSigner

Thank you!

Thank you for telling me. Done.

Thank you for your support @anzirpasai, really appreciate it! 👍