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RE: Hive Power Up Month Challenge 2022-02 - Winners List

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Congratulations to you all, that is epic and I think this is going to become THE challenge to conquer. I am now hell bent on getting it right this month.

Stay awesome y'all !


Oh I know that you can do it💪😀

Hey @tengolotodo

I'm hoping!
By the way thank you very much for the engagement on the Weekend community, it's been good fun. I'm looking forward to this weekend, it should be interesting. 😄

Hi @andrastia PUM is fun, it forces you to be a bit more disciplined and for me it is what for me addicted to hive. My first four months I was hardly here, but January1st this year a couple of friends persuaded me to do the PUD and PUM and I have not looked back.

As for the community engagement, this is a social site, which to me means not surprisingly being social and engaging. Me thinks you know the topics already 😁

Hi @tengolotodo

I agree - the power up month does take some dedication, I think the number of 52 is going to grow as more people decide to take up the challenge!

Lol hmmm maybe I do know some of the topics, it's slightly possible lol 🤣

Hi @andrastia

Yes PUM seems to be getting more popular, which is a good thing!

slightly possible lol 🤣

haha slightly 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks, I wish you luck in the this month.


Thank you @malomi 😄