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RE: Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2022

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Hello, my dear virtual friends from @hivebuzz. Hard work that will be rewarded.
I have a concern for the first of December 2022:

Can I participate with 10 Hives in Hive Power Up Day-December 1st 2022 and at the same time support another account with 10 Hives in Hive Power Up Day-Power Up Helper!?

I know that the account to support must be lower than mine and that it is not being supported by another account. Please enlighten me on the possibility? Thank you in advance and blessings to all of you.

Another concern, I have noticed that several users use to post how they did the Power Up process, is this mandatory?


Yes, you can power up yourself and another account.
And it is not mandatory to publish a post about your power-up.

Thank you, see you on the first of December then... A hug from afar.