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we need to pay close attention, the cause of children being stubborn and difficult to manage when they are adults,

this is
all inseparable from the education of the child when he was young, so we need to pay close attention to how to give education when the child is still at an early age

One thing we need to take good care of when we are angry with our children, or our children do things that we have forbidden before, so when you are really angry with the child, don't act as a parent yelling at the child.

Because if we yell at the child, it will have a big impact on the child's mentality

Usually, if we often yell at our children, two effects will arise. If not, this child will become stubborn or the child we often yell at will become a coward.

the child's stubbornness, because he is used to being scolded and snapped at his house, then over time this child if he is not able to withstand the anger of his

parents, this child will automatically try to fight his parents. Why can he fight it all because the child can't stand the parents who always scold him.

or a child who we often yell at he will become mentally broken and become a child who is afraid to do something, because what is in his mind is that he is always angry, then this child will become a coward