Comprehension Passege: No Mosquitoes - No Malaria

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Hello there, I have another interesting and educating passage for you to digest and learn. It is on the context of malaria and mosquitoes.


Malaria is a very deadly disease that has taken the lives of many persons especially children below the age of 5 years while leaving numerous infected by the virus. Malaria is being transmitted via the female anopheles mosquitoes. This makes it necessary for everyone to keep their environment clean and free of mosquitoes. When there are no mosquitoes, there will be not malaria.

According to the yearly Malaria reports by World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical entities, over 400, 000 persons die each year from malaria and majority of the deaths is usually recorded in the sub-saharan Africa.

In order that we eradicate malaria, we have to ensure that we prevent mosquitoes from bitting us. Hence, we have to constantly keep our communities, work place and home always clean and tidy. There should be no stagnant water around and most importantly, we should have ensure to make use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets when sleeping.

It is also important that w visit a doctor when suffering from malaria; do not indulge in self-medication. Always visit a doctor when the sickness persists. Towards a malaria-free world, we all have a role to play. Governments should do well to sponsor children vaccination and immunization exercise regularly. A dirty environment is not a healthy environment.

How many persons die from malaria yearly?
What are the ways of preventing malaria?
Can we have a malaraia-free world? State your reasons