Helped My Cousin with Math (Base, Percentage, Rate)

in Educationlast month

It's been a while since I posted an education-related post. I haven't written any short stories recently, and I kind of miss writing them together with some comprehensive questions. It's awesome to share something that teachers and students can use and learn from.

Anyway, instead of English, I'll be sharing something Math-related today.

My younget cousin who is a fifth grader asked help from me because he was having a hard time understanding their math class. He's doing online classes and answering some modules since face to face classes are still not allowed especially elementary school students.

Their topic is about base, rate and percentage. I wasn't able to have a video call with my cousin, but I created a comprehensive note regarding the topic for my cousin. And, I'll be sharing them here as well.

I hope you can learn something from it, too.


First, I gave him the formula. It's easier to remember the formula if you also remember the PRB triangle. Through this triangle, you can easily imagine the three main formula in solving base, rate and percentage.

Then, I answered five questions from my cousin's class. This was his previous quiz, but he wasn't able to do very well.

I was also quite surprised since the level of the questions is a bit high. I guess kids nowadays have to study advanced lessons. Anyway, the five questions with my answers and ways to check them are below.




I'm not good at math, but I at least want to help my cousin. This is also a good way to refresh and review various concepts I learned in the past.

I'll end this post here. Thanks for checking it out. Enjoy learning!


Nice one.. congrats... it ain't easy to be a teacher... you seem to have THE GIFT!

Thank you! Math isn't my forte~ but it would be awesome to help my cousin and share here. :)

For grade five, I agree that this topic is not easy. Rates & percentages would be more suitable for grade six or seven I would think. It is doable though. The triangle memory aid and the colour usage is helpful.

Right? I remember studying this maybe almost end of 6th grade. Well, it's doable indeed. They can start with much simpler problems. :) I like using various colors when taking down notes or whenever I study, so I thought it would be easier for my cousin to understand it as well. :) Thanks a lot! ^^

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