Role of Emotional Balance for students



This is a very harsh reality but it is true and now it is even validated by science. Emotion plays a major role when it comes to education. Here two aspects are to be kept in mind constantly, and those are: to learn and be taught. Let me start by asking you giving you a situation. What do you like most? Eating delicious food? Who doesn't like eating delicious food now?

Look below:


This surely has made your mouth water. Now, if you are really interested to have one of the dishes displayed above you will try your best to go and buy it or make it at home by following the recipes. Right? You will try your best to dig out a way to have one of these or have something which is delicious on your list. This is to learn.

When you learn, willingly, you have your own interest in it and therefore, your emotional balance will affect it accordingly. When we are ever interested in something there is always an opposite motion that works in a total reverse direction. These are what we would call factors. Factors play a major role in letting us make a decision. So, what are we at? Right, the emotional balance depends highly even when what we are learning is part of our interest. Therefore, it is essential for us to stick to our interests and to feed them with daily rewards.

Now, let us look at this. We are not as much interested in any of the food over here maybe because we never had it nor seen it. So, will we do anything of the above? Don't think so, right? What we would do is skip it and move on. Now, if our mother or someone, makes an offer to teach us or make it for us, we might be interested in having so or maybe making. Ok, let the situation be that we don't have any feelings towards cooking. So, if our dear one comes and makes an offer, "Hey wanna have this, let us make it, I know how to cook it will ya help?", You will surely agree. Let us face it, we all love food to an extent, especially when it comes to having something new, right? This is be taught.

Here, factors play the primary role, in making us decide if we are actually into helping them for having it or not. Therefore, emotional balance plays a secondary role here. If factors don't match, our emotional state doesn't even matter.

So what do we understand from this?

It is very important for us to be focused to learn or to be taught. In both situations, our minds can be in a dilemma and confuse us with what we really want. Here, our emotional balance helps us make firm and right decisions based on factors which are important to us. Once we are emotionally unbalanced, we tend to forget factors which are important to us and they get mixed with our emotional dramas.

Keep yourself emotionally healthy, study with your right mind and see what the outcome becomes.

The End!

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