A teacher's ability to plan is essential (Perspective & advice)

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Teaching is a very reputed career form with which comes many unsaid responsibilities. But, some tend to neglect the significance of being a teacher and are unaware of the share of responsibility one is bound to maintain. Some aspects of teaching cannot be just trashed, such amazing concepts of teaching are something that amazes me both spiritually and physically. When I am experiencing a tiny part of the in-depth knowledge of teaching, the strive for knowledge automatically spurs up. Planning is truly an important aspect of teaching, want to know why? Let us dive into it, shortly.

Most of the time, we overlook the fact that planning and execution take half the time required. While we are preoccupied with that thought, we face a lot of difficulties in conducting classes without even realizing the impact that planning has on a life of a teacher.

Before entering the premises of the classroom teachers are recommended to form an imaginary classroom setting in their mind, with which they form a lesson plan which consists of the exercises which the teaching deems to complete in a classroom setting in the number of sessions the teacher plans to decide on. This formation of a lesson plan is a total teacher-biased program that enables to unlock few difficulties of teaching.

Difficulties unlocked:

  • Deciding lesson
  • Approach of teaching
  • Time management
  • Useful feedback
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Level of instruction
  • Critical thinking
  • Controlling students

Therefore, the many advantages that come along with it:

  • A better understanding of the lesson allows the teacher to explain it in a more comprehensive and planned manner, rather than delivering what comes to mind instantly
  • If the lesson approach is already chosen, it is easier to process the portray all in the mind
  • Effectively, time is allotted for each activity and break, creating a controlled environment for the teacher
  • Feedbacks are more effective and not biased due to situational restrain
  • A classroom management analysis is performed ahead of time, allowing the opportunity to manage various atmospheres created by students or other factors that do not entirely affect the lesson to be taught
  • The lesson is planned by the teacher per the student's ability to grasp

According to many institutes, the factor of planning and designing lessons ahead of class is quite given importance to but at the same time, it is being neglected by many. During the training program, teachers are provided with some essential teaching tips which are ignored or forgotten by the end of the program. In many of the schools, this is an uprising factor that why education is still back-dated but none is focusing on teachers precisely. Each classroom is very different from one another and it is given that the approach used to communicate in each classroom is going to be different. Also, the subject to be taught plays a major role in developing the method to be used in a specific classroom setting.

Some key factors in a classroom:

  • Time management
  • Student population
  • Type of students
  • Student management
  • Level of communication and understanding among teacher-student

Checklist: An important reminder for teachers

To manage and arrange these factors into place a teacher's ability to plan is quite essential to perform their best in giving best to the students, for the students. This knowledge is part of what I have acquired during my thesis in the last year of my university. Making a lesson plan is not an amateur idea but so much more than that. This journey of teaching and learning is a forever loop that is better given more focus at the start for preparation than at the end. I already stepped into the loop and I'm willing to share my learnings with you all. After all, knowledge is power, right @kinab? Also, sharing is caring. 😁

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S.N: I hope this is helpful. Education is a very important aspect of our life. It can change and create perspectives that lead lives. So, it cannot be taken easily. It needs more attention and patience. The more effort you put into it, the more effective it becomes.


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Thank you so much.

Way to go my friend.. Keep it up.


Another thing a teacher needs is resources that they can count on at a moment's notice. My wife uses http://www.teacherspayteacher.com to get lessons that have been created by other teachers ahead of time. This type of planning helps tremendously. And if you're a teacher that plans all the time, creating your own lesson plans, you can sell them and make another buck on the side...help others and be helped simultaneously.

Yeah, true. Resources are very helpful especially when one doesn't have much time but sometimes, your specification or method of teaching might differ from others, at that moment your own resources, which may be which you made earlier or gathered and made planning, is more effective. I guess your wife will be able to relate. Being a teacher is a very difficult and responsible staking job I would say, because every knowledge we distribute, every action we take impacts many innocent minds; especially in the case of junior classes.

Thank you so much for this idea of "creating lesson plans for sale", didn't ever think about it from this angle. Thanks loads.

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