What is evidence of learning?

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In education, teachers make the greatest efforts to cover a broad content that fits the professional needs that our students may have in the future, however there is no guarantee that all the content taught is being assimilated and learned in a meaningful way by our students until we do not perform tests or tests that give us an idea of how much they are assimilating what we teach to obtain a significant and quality learning.

To find and apply a tool to diagnose whether our students are learning the content they are taught is what we know as evidence of learning, the basic objective of the evidence of learning is to explore in the student to realize what is really happening inside him as a result of what he learns, it is also important that the evidence of learning to get the student's interest that is taking to learn the content that we are teaching in a particular subject.

What is evidence of learning?

An evidence is a proof that certifies the veracity of something, in the case of learning there must also be some evidence that certifies that learning is taking place correctly, that is why we can define the evidence of learning as that set of tests that can give evidence about the learning process through clear and concise results, with the evidence of learning we as teachers should be able to confirm with such evidence (evidence) that through the teaching-learning process the student is learning correctly.


As many educational tools, learning evidences are very wide and varied, and their application will depend on the objective pursued, however within this variation we can define two types of learning evidences, direct and indirect.

In the case of being able to detect a direct learning evidence is because they are visible to us, apart from the fact that the objective pursued is very clear there apart from the fact that it is obtained under a tangible vision.

In the case of evidence of indirect learning, we realize that we are in the presence of this type of evidence of learning because somehow there is the probability that the student is assimilating the learning but there is no clarity to know how the student is learning and how much is being learned.

Finally, it is important that we learn to use the evidence of learning as a valuable tool for identification in the learning of our students.



I could not disagree more. Learning happens all the time. Though there is evidence of teaching when you can observe direct or indirect compliance. The things that are overlooked often are hidden lessons. Bells, timers, incentives, punishments bring lessons into teaching that are exactly this: hidden until you look at it. From this I'd like to introduce you to the works of John Holt and Peter Gray on how humans really learn and on how i.e. exposing people to tools of culture is just enough for them to learn and then simply observe how everyone is learning in their own way and in their own pace instead of teaching lessons that will back-fire on all the things we love about our cultures. m2c @tipu curate !invest_vote !ENGAGE 5

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