What are the objectives to be pursued if we apply teaching strategies?

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There are many teaching strategies, and every teacher should be familiar with them in order to know how to choose the most appropriate one according to the occasion, the students and the content to be taught.

It is impossible to think that there are only a few teaching strategies or that they are limited to a particular set of teachers; instead, it is important to know that there is a great diversity of teaching strategies.

In addition to all of the above, each teacher adopts and applies strategies that can be generated by themselves, so that there are already established strategies and those generated by other teachers, all of which should be documented so that other teachers are aware of them and can choose the one that best suits their teaching needs.

Each teacher's need may be based on the type of students to be taught and also depends on the type of academic content to be taught.

What are teaching strategies?

Teaching strategies can be conceptualized as methods, procedures or resources employed by us educators in order for our students to obtain meaningful learning.

Through the implementation of teaching strategies we also seek to exercise a transforming mechanism of education to something more dynamic, something that can be out of the protocols and that is more flexible. The application of these strategies allows the teacher to transform learning into a more active, more participatory process that the student remembers more easily, what I would call an education with protagonist teaching and learning.

Logically, the first teaching strategies come from what has been learned in pedagogy, however, as I have always thought, sometimes you have to leave a little of what is already established and break paradigms, for that you can generate new things, including teaching strategies.

Everything is demanded by the student, because if the student is not generating significant learning, then the teaching strategies already in place and learned from the pedagogical resources are worthless, so we can conclude that the objective of teaching strategies is to achieve significant learning in the student.

Many of these strategies share in common the fact that they are very cooperative, something that facilitates the assimilation of values, develops a better emotional adjustment in students and prepares them for life in society.

It is also important to emphasize that the strategies we apply often need to be reinforced to make them integral and that their assimilation into meaningful learning is integral as well.


I actually agree. I mean, I'm an educator myself and I employ not only one or two or... I don't even count. I just adopt strategies based on relevant factors.

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