Should we educate ourselves to manage our emotions?

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We human beings live constantly surrounded by our own and other people's emotions. In the field of healthy social relationships our task is to know how to identify them, analyze them, understand them and act accordingly and in a relatively adaptive way, although this is not always easy.

It is necessary to educate ourselves to better understand our emotions and to be able to act consequently through them, people live the day surrounded by emotions, that is why it is important that we know when we are under the influence of some emotion or a set of them, when we have already identified them then each one of us can be able to analyze what is best for us based on that emotion.

It is necessary that we understand that emotions are important in our lives and that for nothing in the world we should be amazed by it or try not to feel them, on the contrary we must open the way, but we must educate ourselves to manage very well the process of understanding our emotions.

As we rehearse in the process of education to better manage our emotions, we will realize that it is an adaptive process, that is to say that our brain reminds us how to act based on the emotion we are feeling.

The fact that we can understand some aspects at a psychological level of how to associate our emotions to our behavior does not imply that we should understand that it is an easy process, however if we adapt it to an education of understanding we will surely improve in the process.

It is important to mention how educationally relevant it is to be able to break with any type of prejudice, since the liberation of any prejudice allows us to effectively associate an educational process in which we achieve that any person learns about the diversity of thoughts and ideas, that everyone can experience all types of emotions, and there is no problem with it.

When this type of education reaches our children from a very early age we can achieve that there are no complexes that alter their normal functioning to detect an emotion and know how to act in the best way based on it, we have the unequivocal impression of thinking that there are emotions for men and emotions for women, which is why a man does not know how to properly manage his emotions because he hides or ignores them, all this based on the prejudices established by society.

In the same way it can happen in the case of women, since there is a prejudice that a woman cannot feel the same emotions as men, in conclusion, in all cases we must teach based on these prejudices.

To close this educational cycle about how to manage our emotions based on how we learn under an emotional education, I want to bring a clear example:

Many times we have seen how boys are told that they should not cry because that is not for men, once they acquire that wrong learning, when they really feel like crying they will not do it because they assume that it is not for men.

I do not know how many of you may assume it, but I think there is nothing more bad for our health than having to repress the urge to cry, that is something that comes to any of us and we just have to let it flow, once we do it we feel more relieved of our sorrows and sadness.

The conclusion of the case is that if you teach an education to manage emotions, the first thing to be taught is the bad of prejudice, once this is understood, surely we can identify and better understand the emotions to manage them for our benefit.


Greetings @sandracarrascal, it is a great reality that each and every one of us must educate ourselves to manage our emotions, this is mainly because many people are allowed to control their emotions, without taking into consideration how it can affect us negatively, by letting us control the emotions we can generate bad decisions in our life, which leads to failure in the plans and goals that we set, is why the need to always have control of the emotions we feel.

Hello @chucho27 .

Exactly it is very important that we all educate ourselves, so that we learn to maintain a proper balance of our emotions, since due to lack of knowledge we make mistakes even in the way we educate our children, many times we repress them without knowing it, Associating our emotions to our behavior does not imply that we should understand that it is an easy process, however if we adapt it to an education of understanding we will surely improve in the process, that we can break the barriers of prejudice that we create ourselves. and we can have a better quality of life both for us and for society.

Greetings and thank you for your contribution.

Hi @sandracarrascal

Excellent topic that you socialize on the platform, educate our brain to face our emotional pictures is a key element that will allow us to handle conflict situations, it is true to understand some aspects at the psychological level of how to associate our emotions to our behaviour.

Best regards, be well.

Hello @lupafilotaxia.

It is a very relevant topic for users who make life inside and outside the platform, since here I try that it is very important that we educate ourselves to have a balance of our emotions, not having to repress neither ourselves nor our children for lack of knowledge, because in this way we will be able to cope with any problem that we present.

Greetings and thank you for your valuable contribution.


Hello friends, thank you very much for your support. Regards

Hi @sandracarrascal.

You are absolutely right as it is an indispensable aspect for all of us to be able to manage our emotions as our behavior is affected by the countless loads of emotions that we live daily.

Great article thanks for sharing it with all of us. Greetings.

Hi @sandracarrascal, I certainly share with you the concern about the prejudices currently existing in society and obviously that goes hand in hand with the education that children receive both at home and in educational institutions. Crying is part of our lives and as such it is fundamental in the management of our emotions, we can do it both men and women since we are both human beings and we have feelings that move us day by day. Greetings, excellent topic congratulations