Evaluating our environment allows us to broaden our knowledge based on the current reality

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When we go out and appreciate the goodness that our countries have, we become faithful witnesses of the beauties that we suddenly ignore but that we discover and value with a good disposition.

It may seem insignificant things to walk down a sidewalk, cross a street, cross a river, walk through the cultivated fields of the best agricultural crops, look at a building, in short, all these events go beyond simply appreciating and living them, the beauty of living appreciating our natural and urban wealth is that we will learn to value what we have, what is ours and what we should be proud of.

It is important to be well educated about the history and geography of our countries, since this information will allow us to know the reasons for the virtues and decadence of our urban and rural systems, the virtues and decadence of our tourism, it is not necessary to be a politician or a sociologist to learn to love what we have based on knowing and being educated about the natural and urban beauties of the country to which we belong.

Delimiting our environment allows us to develop learning qualities that can be at the height of what is taught in schools, geography and history of our people must be lived more than studied, put into practice, many of the problems of our society lies in that the current reality is not compared with the realities of the past, also because we do not walk and transit the places that often we are taught at school in geography books but we fail to travel in real life.

Let's internationalize knowledge, being able to look at a little piece of our environment, look at a little piece of our world, look at a little piece of our universe, can lead us to an exploratory path that I am sure will leave us a great significant learning and strengthen our already established academic knowledge.

In conclusion we can add that all the geographical spaces in which the human being develops were not always like that in the past, for example, maybe the street that we see today was not paved before, but today we see that there is a highway built on it, that is our varied past, present and future in the varied use that can have our geography that gives a historical dye and a social reality to our people, that is why there is the identity, patriotism and pride in owning what you have, human beings sow identity and culture in the geographical settlements that we have occupied historically, so everything changes according to our historical conditions.


I agree to the fact you made stating clearly how good it is to know about history as it will safe us from trouble the current Nigerian issues can be solved if parent teach their children about history.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi friend, thank you very much for reading and commenting on this post. Regards.