Can we cultivate humility?

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Around the concept that many of us have of humility many misunderstandings associated with this way of being are developed, it is a matter that is treated with much perception and little depth, so that there are even many people who manage to associate it with a shy person, The perception of humility in other people does not end only in thinking that humility belongs to shy people, but it is even wrongly associated to people with low self-esteem, another erroneous perception is that of people who think that a humble person is one who is satisfied with almost little, that is to say that he is satisfied with poverty.

The question we should ask ourselves based on the fact that there are so many erroneous perceptions is:

What is the best perception of humility?.

The best way to have an unbanal idea of humility is when we associate humility as that way we can have of sowing our own learning based on experiences gained from virtues and mistakes.

Humility is multivariable, that is, it is full of nuances and elements that go beyond the slight perception we have of it, the other important thing is that we should not generalize as far as cultivating humility is concerned, since the way of expressing humility differs from one person to another, so it will be cultivated in a different way.

This variety and ways to nuance humility is because humility depends on fundamentals that are clearly somewhat complex psychological processes that relate to the abstract thinking that a particular person may have about the way they view life, it also relates to how each person has a self-concept of himself based on what we know about ourselves as we live and adapt our experiences to our benefit or detriment.

How can we cultivate humility?

On the contrary of what is thought when we cultivate humility we must adopt a mentality in which we learn to value our own qualities, if we cultivate humility we must also learn to understand that in the path of life not everything is easy and that we must also recognize the mistakes we make, that in the end the mistakes are well valued, since who does not make mistakes is because he does not decide to undertake a path full of objectives and goals to achieve.

Under a context we can realize that being humble and cultivate that humility goes beyond the classic vision we have of humility, to be and be considered humble must have a fairly broad view of the sacrifice we need to make to achieve our life goals.

I could say that if we want to cultivate humility we simply must be who we are with our abilities, mistakes and above all not to be obsessed with trying to be something we are not, because when it comes down to it, who else to know us than ourselves, the person who cultivates humility has his own personality, that is to say, the one who believes to cultivate humility simply does not imitate to be someone else, but simply is him with high standards of originality.


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A person's personality is developed in the environment they lived in. So I think it's possible to cultivate humility.

good concept that everyone need to learn and cultivate.

the truth is that humility pays a lot if one can really cultivate

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