Can intellectual abilities be enhanced?

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Intellectual abilities is an area that can be enhanced more than we think, intellectual abilities can be taken to a high range, where studies conducted in research that aims to discover how high you can raise the capabilities that we humans have in what has intellectuality is concerned.

When it is intended to increase the degree of research, it is because it is a reality that we can find many people with a high degree of intellectuality, however this ability to raise the intellectuality to higher ranks needs support and external stimuli, as it is impossible to be executed alone, no matter what stage is intended to raise the intellectual level of a person, whether an infant or an adult always need support or external stimulus.

It is important that we are clear that enhancing the high intellectual abilities of an individual is not that it has to be taken to a higher level in a short period of time, since the maximum potential is achieved with several years, it is a long and complex process, in which even excellent results can be obtained considering that it is an evolutionary process that includes cognition as an important source in the process.

I can conclude with the fact that there are very intelligent people, however for various reasons they are not ready to go through a process where they are prepared to reach a high range of potentiality in their intellectual abilities, in the end we all have the same opportunities to achieve what we propose, however it is the discipline and perseverance that triumphs in this process.


My observation is that people can study logic and math. Learning about the structure of ideas seams to increase intellectual capacities.

Although I would make the observation that a dullard who know logic can often out think gifted thinkers who are banking on their native cunning alone. The second class has a strange habit of incorporatating fallacies into their thinking that undermine their abilities.

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