Analysis of the fact that our happiness depends on our willpower

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It is difficult to affirm the fact that our happiness depends only on our will and our capabilities, however surely a large percentage will depend on ourselves, so let's see to what extent it depends on us.

There are external factors and parameters that condition our life to be able to be as far away or close to happiness, it is not the same to be born in circumstances of extreme poverty to be born under conditions according to have a good quality of life, therefore the circumstances in which we are born delimit our life, however these circumstances only limit our happiness in a low percentage.

Science may make a valuable contribution to understand this issue I am analyzing, since for example, it has been discussed that the rest of the percentage that does not depend on the external factors mentioned above depends entirely on two factors: genetic inheritance:

  • Genetic inheritance.
  • The way we think and act deliberately.

Under the determinant of genetic inheritance, what it means is that we can inherit a way of thinking, acting and feeling emotions that lead us to depressions that lead us to unhappiness, but we must take into account that although it is a large percentage it is not the totality of all the causes.

Despite the fact that the way we think and act actually has a strong impact on what we become, even has a high percentage of influence but not greater than that of genetic inheritance, makes us conclude that:

Our happiness depends on many factors, however, by making a reflective analysis of ourselves and taking the right decisions we will be able to fight so that external factors and genetic inheritance do not have such a high degree of influence, since we are the owners of our own destiny, especially if we combine the power of our decisions.


Nice one, indeed our happiness depends on a loot of factors, and due to civilization, social media has become one of them. However the 2 factors you mentioned above are the major one for sure.

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