How Human and Computer Interacts?

  1. What is Human Computer Interaction?
    Human Computer Interaction is the field of study of communication between the humans and computers.
  2. What is brain storming relating to Human Computer Interaction?
    A method design use to generate ideas to know how effective human and computer interacts
  3. What is Contextual Inquiry?
    Contextual inquiry is an interview technique for gathering information on the context of usage in which users are asked a set of standard questions in their work practices and behaviors.
  4. What is Making sense data?
    A step-by-step method for making sense of data and
    instructs readers on the actions that must be made in order to accomplish a data analysis or data mining project successfully
  5. What is dynamic prototype in Human Interaction?
    Dynamic prototype serves to provide specifications for a real and working system.
  6. Discuss the technology and change?
    It's a type of machinery and equipment that has been developed using scientific knowledge and change is a something that make different.
  7. What is Human Computer Interaction? the study of interaction between human and computer based system
  8. Discuss the concepts of interaction design?
    The field of Interaction Design is designed to connect user and computer. Interaction designs mission is to build experiences that would help user`s accomplish their goals in the most efficient way. Interaction design refers to digital items such apps or websites and Interaction design is the process of creating interactive products and services.
  9. Differentiate the Computer and Human-Computer Interaction?
    A computer is an electronic device that can perform a variety of functions such as messaging, calculations, data storage and printing. Human- Computer Interaction is a research that focus on computer technology design and the interaction began with computers and grown to all aspects of Information technology.
  10. Discuss Data Gathering and Requirements Analysis with focus in HCI aspects?
    In Data Gathering it allows you to share and analyze information about existing and potential respondent. The purpose of data gathering is to collect sufficient, accurate and relevant data that determine problems. In requirement analysis is to establish the goals for the website from the stand point of the user and the business, agree on the user`s need and aim for usability requirements, appraise existing versions of the website, carry out an analysis of the competition and lastly complete discussion with potential users and questionnaires.
  11. What are Interfaces Design and Prototyping?
    Interface Design is refer to the visual layout for software and machines such as computers, mobile devices and other electronic device. Prototyping is an early model that release a product where built to text a concept or process like sketches, diagram, 3D printing, rapid model, physical model and wire frame.