Being stepped on with high heels hurts more than wearing sandals

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Being stepped on with high heels hurts more than wearing sandals

Hello Steemian
In a crowded crowd, it is very possible that our feet are trampled. They certainly do not mean to step on our feet. It's only because they accidentally stepped on someone else's foot. I still remember that Lebaran season will fight each other to enter the bus or train. At that time, we still hadn't been disciplined. We always worry if we don't get a seat or even get behind a bus or train. Everyone scrambles to get in so that we will not be trampled or accidentally stepped on someone else's feet. We are grateful that there are no more people jostling just for the train or bus, because everything is more organized.
When we are stepped on by feet with different footwear it turns out that the pain is also different. When we are stepped on by people wearing sandals is not as painful as being stepped on by footwear with high heels.
How did it happen? Let us discuss in accordance with the knowledge of physics that we have learned in school.

Pressure on Solid Objects

In physics we have learned about pressure on solid objects. Every object that has a mass will cause a force. This is caused by the presence of gravity and will produce pressure.
The greater the weight of the mass of the object, the greater the pressure. The smaller the surface area of an object, the greater the pressure.
The compressive force of the object in the above activity is the same as the weight of the object:
F = w = m.g
w = gravity (N)
m = mass (kg)
g = acceleration due to gravity (m / s 2)
Every solid object that has a force will put pressure in place equal to the force of each unit area.
The pressure exerted by a solid object is formulated with

P = F / A

P = pressure (N / m or pascal = Pa)
F = compressive force (N)
A = surface area of work force (m2)

We can prove it by pressing the ballpoint pen on the palm upright. The pressure is more painful if you use the tapered part rather than pressing it with the head of a pen
We can also drop a block on soft soil, it will leave marks on the ground. The former will get deeper if the beam is dropped from a higher place. The former shows that the ground was compressed by falling beams. The pressure is even greater if the beam is dropped from a higher place. The amount of pressure in the beam is proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the area of the base.
In the ballpoint and beam experiments we can deduce the magnitude of the pressure proportional to the magnitude of the force and inversely proportional to the area of the compressive field. This means that the greater the style the greater the pressure, the wider the area of pressure, the smaller the pressure.
Based on the description above, it can be concluded that the pressure of an object is the result of the compressive force with the surface area where the force is working.
With this explanation we can understand why stepping on high heel shoes feels more painful than being stepped on using sandals because the base of the high heels is narrower so that it produces more pressure.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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