The understanding of the phenomenon of light has been an essential tool for the educational field?

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Greetings again my dear readers of this prestigious platform, especially to the community of @edu-venezuela, in many occasions our natural optical systems, eyes, are witnesses of the development of any phenomenon around us and this is thanks to the implementation of the phenomenon of light, because as it is known light is responsible for the transport of images to our retinas.

Based on the above, I would like to highlight the great capacity and ingenuity of man in relation to the manufacture of a large number of instruments that use light to deepen the study or analysis of other essential phenomena that takes place next to us, especially those that are not perceptible to our visual capacity.

Since then, humanity as a whole, and above all, the field of education has made great strides in the form of knowledge propagation, since the dream of being able to observe the micro-universe was already a reality, and on many occasions we can visualize any device that implements light in our laboratories of educational spaces, but it goes unnoticed the high impact that each of these devices have made in a positive way in the academic training of all of us and thus of our students.

So this time I wanted to highlight the fundamental role of these instruments as a vital part for the consolidation of training in all aspects of humanity, where, of course, we must include our academic aspect, I remember my first contact as a student with a monocular compound microscope and the experience for me was unforgettable.

Therefore my dear readers in answer to the question, understanding of light has become an essential tool for the area of education?

Personally, as an educator, I would say yes, because practical experiences have always motivated our students since they achieve a perspective beyond theoretical knowledge, and the latter, as we know, is necessary, but when complemented with a palpable activity by the students, it acquires greater value.

The human being as we know is captivated by means of his eyes, and this, everything is possible thanks to the light since without it nothing would be possible to observe, therefore this aspect of the due interpretation of the light has been all a motivation at the moment of acquiring some knowledge on the part of our students, so when we use or we see to use some optical instrument in any educational area without place to doubt it will become a valuable motivational tool as much for us the teachers as for our students.

At the beginning of this article you could visualize some of these optical instruments that over time have been modernized thanks to the enormous evolution of science-technology, but they will always represent the beginning of the implementation of light in our classrooms or in the laboratories of our academies.

Until another opportunity my dear readers, especially the members of the @edu-venezuela community.