Suffering from the sleep disorder keeps us in a state of constant mental weakness

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Greetings again my dear friends, I hope you are all very well, there is really nothing more important to take care of than our sleep because this process allows us to restore our energy to get up with much vigor and be able to perform the activities of our day to day, the most worrying thing is that this type of pathology is becoming more common among us where for many years I am in this statistic.

Personally, since some years ago, it has been difficult for me to start sleeping and much less maintain it over time, this has caused me to have an inability to have a quality rest since I do not have a restful sleep, when we have this type of disorder our productivity is affected, and the worst, we experience constant fatigue, we can also experience constant moments of irritability, anxiety, among other factors that make us emotionally unbalanced.



This type of pathology according to studies can be inherited, and in my family there are several members with this type of disorder, it can also be of physiological type where people constantly experience a state of abnormal excitation of their central nervous system, stress is an element that influences this type of disorder, another cause can be attributed to the environment where we rest as we can be invaded by any discomfort such as excessive noise or poor posture when sleeping, among other causes of this type.

Although it may not seem true to us the excessive use of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, among other devices that we use constantly can influence the natural generation of the hormone melatonin, and it is of great value for the proper sleep cycle of human beings, a certain portion of the fraction of white light or visible as blue light has an impact on reducing the formation of melatonin, therefore, such devices that have such screens that emit this type of blue light hyper-stimulate our body.



In conclusion my dear friends, the understanding of insomnia or sleep disorder has become a very complex task, but of great interest to science, due to the mixture of factors that influence this disorder such as genetic, physiological, psychological and even environmental-technological, The truth is that those who suffer from it sometimes feel like we are losing our quality of life, the best thing to do is to go to specialists in the field to stop in time this disorder as far as we can and if we can control it completely would be much better, with psychological therapies or neurological treatments.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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Having got COVID recently, I can really tell how you feel. I cannot sleep well and I am always exhausted, even if I am negative for a few weeks now. Good luck in trying to go back to quality sleep!


Hello dear @lemouth again thank you for your visit, actually for years I have had this problem of sleep disorder which I had not wanted to accept, but now I have decided to seek professional help and I am undergoing treatment from the neurologist I hope to improve and not worsen my situation which is already quite worrying for me and my family.

I hope you also recover your quality of sleep because I know how it feels not to have it. Greetings and thanks for your good wishes.

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hello @rbalzan79
Suffering from sleep disorders is very serious and with the days we are losing the physical, mental and motor skills that can lead us to death, no doubt that we must attack in time to avoid suffering dire consequences.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication