Our main task is to train our inherited intelligence, and for this, education plays an essential role

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Greetings again my dear friends I hope you are all well, one of the most important features of humanity is its ability to adapt to the constant changes demanded by their environment, this aspect is what we define in a general way as intelligence, remember that we are exposed to all kinds of demand, in linguistics, mathematics, finance, music, among many others.

Perhaps, with only one type of intelligence we can respond to all these demands, or, on the contrary, we have several types of separate intelligences, according to each of the demands that are presented to us, however, in general we can say that intelligence is the ability we have to respond to our multiple tasks or daily demands that surround our lives, and above all, to do the best possible to satisfy, at least, our individual expectations.

Many questions have been generated in relation to our intelligence, at this stage of our development we know that we are born with this ability, and that it changes over time, however, our intelligence is not only a genetic aspect, it is very true that we intrinsically possess this ability, but what happens if we do not allow it to develop properly?

This question leads us to the key question of the differentiation of intelligence among human beings, we are all born with it, but not all of us manage to develop it in the same way, intelligence is a malleable capacity, therefore, it is susceptible to be trained, and of course, enhanced to the maximum, and thus be able to give the best answer to any problem or difficulty that we face in our daily lives.

Therefore, we can say, then, that intelligence is a capacity with which we are all born, and that it is permeable to experience change over time, this will depend on the dedication and focus that each person wants to give it, hence the difference in this ability from person to person, without a doubt, we have been self-concerned as humanity in trying to develop it as best as possible, and for this, we structured essential fields such as science, technology, and education.

Is our intelligence inherited, i.e., are we naturally intelligent?

Essential fields of our development, such as science, have been dedicated to the constant analysis of our whole organism, both of those tangible parts and those intangible ones, such as those related to our thinking and behavior, measured through our emotions, where the capacity called intelligence plays a fundamental role.

Many scientific studies have determined that mothers are responsible for the transmission of the greatest genetic load linked to our cognitive qualities, however, on this occasion our vision is to highlight that intelligence is an inherited human capacity, that is, determined by our DNA, our attitude will allow us to develop it as best we can over time.

Our main task, to train our inherited intelligence

Naturally we are born with diverse intellectual capacities, which we must train or nurture so that they develop normally, and if there is a field or area of great importance to do so, it is education. Many young people sometimes ask themselves, "What is the importance of attending school?

We could explain and express so many things, among them, to point out that through the educational context contributes to the healthy development of their inherited intellectual capacities, and when we talk about development we mean to increase or improve them, therefore, environments rich in educational stimulation, promote the maximum level of intellectual development of children, which will be the future of our planet.

These appropriate environments can be generated not only in schools, but also in our homes, reading stimulation, pleasant writings for them, interactive games, among many others, the important thing is the type of methodology used by the teacher and parents, both working together towards the same goal, the proper development of the intelligence of children and young people.


When we relate to education, in the same way we are relating to science and technology, since they all feed each other constantly, many people could inherit a genetics of great athlete, soccer player, baseball player, among others, however, it is not enough to have inherited such genetic capacity, it is necessary to develop it to the maximum through constant training, and with an effective and efficient plan, we can extrapolate this to the development of our intelligence through the proper plan of education, or any other planned activity.

It is a team effort, parents and educator, many children who are adopted get the possibility of better environments that stimulate them to an adequate development of their intelligence, studies have shown that these children who change to educational and family environments of greater social benefit significantly raise their IQ, of course, the environment however stimulating it is, will not do the job by itself, is to give guidance and support in their intellectual development process.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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So should education be giving students the broadest possible exposure to all sorts of subjects, or should it narrow in on a student's talents if that student expresses a wish for more specific learning?

In our first educational stages, education shows us a generalized approach as broadly as possible to the various topics, even though there are students who show individual talents, who should be guided to a deeper knowledge that satisfies their interest in knowing, that is, education must be adapted to all cases, since there is a great diversity of thoughts, and must be adjusted to this natural human characteristic.

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