Music through musical instruments has a positive influence on the intellectual development of children

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Greetings again my dear friends I hope you are all well, it will always be of vital importance the intellectual development of our children, we must be attentive to this essential aspect, this time we will analyze in a general way how can influence the practice of music in the intellect of children, highlighting also that we must take care of the use of new technologies by them.

In general, we are in permanent contact with the different technological applications, and this, from the very moment we get up, in my case, I wake up every morning with the alarm of my cell phone, from that very moment I have the phone in my hand, and I start to review the entire international scene through social networks, so we can say that new technologies have revolutionized our activities, and without realizing it, have impacted our brain, and the brain of our children.

The education of our children at home and classrooms, becomes an elementary process to balance the speed of technological advances in the hands of the smallest of home, many scientific studies have found that the use of technologies induces people to have fewer connections in that area of the brain related to the management of our memory, and why does this happen?

According to studies, we have transferred part of this memory function to these electronic devices, for example, we give our phone several tasks to remind us what to do during the day, to perform any mathematical operation, among many other things, today we can hardly remember memoristically the phone number of a friend or family member.

If this happens to us as adults, what would happen to the proper brain development of our children?

Many questions to ask ourselves, and that we can only answer through a proper education to our children, documenting ourselves with the various investigations that are carried out on the intellectual development of children, and know how it affects everything that surrounds them, and we are aware that at present there are many factors of distraction that can intervene in the normal academic and intellectual functioning of children and adolescents.

Let's see what science has to say about it

Many studies at scientific level are developed in the different flanks that intervene in our evolution or growth in all senses as rational and intellectual people, we can begin with the flank of the use of new technologies by our children, for it, we can begin by expressing that several studies affirm that if we want a normal development of the intellectual capacities of the children, we have to be very careful with the use of the technologies.

Looking from another side in relation to the intellectual development of children, they also affirm that music is a great tool for the development of the intelligence or intellectual capacity of children, above all, that part of music linked to musical instruments, did this happen with Albert Einstein?

This is what I'm talking about, everything we do has its counterweight, has the other side of the coin, the dangerous thing is to let our children walk a single path, we can not deny the use of various electronic devices, but in a regulated manner, any excess will bring negative consequences, and many examples of everyday life we have.

For several years, both psychologists and teachers at all levels have been warning about the incorrect use of new technologies in the hands of children, including the excessive use of television. Therefore, we must always keep in mind that the key to the normal development of our children's brains lies in the relationship with their parents, that is, with us, who must constantly guide them on how to use each tool that we place in their hands.

From the scientific point of view, in the intellectual development of children, their genetics has an important part, however, without an adequate family environment, the brain potential of children is unlikely to reach its proper development, for example, other studies conducted by major universities on the planet, argues that those children aged 2 to 4 years old who spend many hours in front of the TV, are more likely to have problems in their schools, especially in relation to other children, and also may have a decrease of about 6% in the development of activities related to mathematics.


It is very convenient that we always have in mind to provide the best quality home environment for our children, and that we can interact with them in every way, and know what affects them and what they like to do, that allows their normal brain function, that is what many scientific studies say, which represent years of dedication, and that we can apply under our criteria adapted to our children.

For example, the field of science impacts the life of the human being in every sense, in this opportunity we highlight the one that expresses that learning to play a musical instrument helps significantly to the intellectual development of the smallest of house, and even adults, maybe we know many people who place their children in music schools as a hobby, and according to these studies, these people could be more advantaged in terms of intellectual development is concerned.

Instructing children to play musical instruments can have a positive impact on their IQ, their reading level, and consequently, in their intellectual development, not to mention having a better concentration, more brain activity, and greater pleasure that gives them peace of mind and happiness, many studies in relation to learning music by playing a musical instrument, led to the conclusion that this type of activity improves math skills, so as parents we balance the daily activities of our children, less use of new technologies and encourage them to learn to play a musical instrument of their choice.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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In the TV series Genius they made a point of showing Einstein playing his violin!

That's a great example you mention. Thanks for the input. Regards.

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You're welcome @rbalzan79! Have a nice day 😊👍

You are right ! Music is important to estimulate kids brain in diverse aspects

That's right my friend, it is important to encourage children to learn to play a musical instrument, thanks for your visit and support. Greetings.


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I love your post and absolutely agree on the positive influence of learning to play instruments for children. I learned the piano at a young age and am ever grateful to my parents for this.