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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, Undoubtedly we can think or say that the area of greatest interest for all mankind is represented by the essential field of food generation for all of us, and that is why at present a large number of technological applications have been developed with the firm purpose of achieving to supply our food needs.

When we talk about our food there are many aspects that we could consider, and this, from the moment that the land is prepared and seeds are generated for planting, until these foods are harvested and taken to commercial establishments and from there to our homes, but, this time my dear readers we will focus on those machines that thanks to technological advances have been able to greatly facilitate the work of production of any type of food.

Therefore, in this article we will pay honor to that wonderful machine that many of us may know as the tractor, and therefore, we can begin by expressing that there are many mechanical systems that thanks to scientific contributions have been designed, for example, the phenomenon of movement represents for me the fundamental or essential phenomenon for the existence of all living species of our home planet Earth.

Man through time has been dedicated to organize each one of the countless knowledge that we continue to obtain from our wonderful and beautiful environment, and it is no secret that it has been through the field of education at all levels that it has been possible to radiate such learning in an organized and efficient way at a planetary level.

Therefore, in this opportunity we will talk about an example of this great effort made throughout our history, that is, to be able to achieve the generation of any type of machine that in some way or another facilitates our lives and especially when it comes to food, then, we can begin by noting that any of us are reliable witnesses of the creation of such machines through the splendid nexus between science-technology-education.

In relation to the above, we will give a small tour in terms of the characteristics of this type of machine such as tractors, especially in the agricultural area, therefore, we begin by saying that tractors are obviously extraordinary mechanical systems with great capacity for towing, dragging, and also with the fundamental ability to tow and drive other types of mechanical systems, without a doubt, we can or we have identified them as those heavy vehicles with those huge wheels like the ones shown in the gif at the beginning of this article, and of these wheels we can say that they allow them better traction at the moment of carrying out agricultural activities, just to name one of the activities for which they are used.

Generally, this type of vehicle is characterized by its low speed, its structure very hard or strong and very rigid, and these powerful machines can perform both industrial and agricultural activities, and we can say that for the agricultural area this large and powerful vehicle has become a necessary tool, with a great variety to meet the different needs of both the farmer, rancher and the industrial area.

These vehicles are generally classified according to their use, traction, steering, engine, type of fuel, and of course, according to their size or power, the truth is that they are extraordinary machines that have managed to greatly reduce the hard work in the field and achieving considerably increase food production in any type of item, this undoubtedly highlights the great work of the entire field of technology.

Where, over the years are new and better technological applications for such machines, and especially in relation to the generation of new materials for their manufacture, we could say that we have been educated with the implementation of our essential tool of knowledge as it represents the entire field of science and then put into practice through the area of technology, which is why we have considered the technology as the proper application of scientific knowledge, and also in some way or another has allowed us to improve our quality of life, with the proper use of such applications.

Until another opportunity my dear readers, it will always be important to highlight the various creations of our intellect as a living species of this beautiful and unique planet Earth, and the same besides being our home we have also obtained all our knowledge and which have managed to materialize through the enormous work of the field of education at all levels, I hope to have your important contribution and consolidate the issue raised on this occasion.



Note: The gif at the beginning of this article is my own, and the images were created in Power Point and the animated gif in PhotoScape.

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