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Greetings my dear friends of this educational platform, when we look around us we can clearly witness the countless contributions made by essential fields of knowledge acquisition such as science, and of course, education, and this without leaving aside the wonderful field of application of scientific knowledge such as technology, and thus, we highlight the characteristic that we have previously expressed, that is, that technology is more than applied science.

Our existence is clearly influenced more and more by countless technological applications in any area of our development, therefore, man through the tools of knowledge mentioned above has managed to expand his great ingenuity, and with it, developed wonderful machines that have allowed us to streamline any of our daily activities, but above all to move from one place to another no matter how difficult the place or area where we find ourselves.

In relation to the above, in this opportunity we will relate to one of the machines designed by man as are the all-terrain vehicles and perhaps any of us have had the pleasure of having known one of these wonderful and useful machines, since with them on many occasions we have been able to move from one place to another despite how difficult it could be the road on which we have to travel at any given time.

When we refer to an all terrain vehicle, we are talking about those machines that have the excellent quality of being able to mobilize in difficult access terrain such as in the field, in those places or rugged terrain (steep) and especially unpaved, this type of vehicle in its beginnings were designed with the firm purpose of being implemented in the military field where, in general, it is required to mobilize in very difficult access places, However, due to its great usefulness over the years, these vehicle designs were adapted for civilian use, and in this way, they are used for the realization of different journeys such as to be able to monitor some protected areas such as forests, where we can commonly find very rough and slippery terrain, among other types of places.

These wonderful machines with permanent four-wheel drive have provided great help to countless activities of man, since that will always be the main intention, that is, to cover the need for the development of some kind of task, and also all this undoubtedly, has been thanks to the permanent joint work of vital areas of our exponential development in every way such as science-education-technology, this link has allowed us to design splendid mechanical systems like the one analyzed in this opportunity.



Until another opportunity my dear readers, it is always important to highlight the positive impact of the different technological applications created by man, and that we must also highlight the proper balance that we must keep in mind when implementing these applications in each of our activities.

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