Everything that surrounds us is expressed through the language of geometry_Parte II

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, especially to the great community of @edu-venezuela which gives us an excellent channel of propagation of any kind of knowledge to anyone who wishes to obtain some learning from the broad field of science-technology, since as has been expressed in other opportunities both areas are intertwined to such an extent that we can say that technology is nothing more than applied science.

This time we will continue analyzing the importance of geometric science in our existence because as expressed in the title everything around us is expressed through the abstract language of mathematics especially geometry and each of its shapes and figures as you have seen in the gif of this article, where a wonderful link has been made between geometry and technology through technological applications such as Power Point and PhotoScape.

Undoubtedly, most of our information capture of our vast universe is perceived by means of our natural optical systems such as our eyes, as we are doing on this occasion to observe how through the configuration of various geometric shapes is possible the composition of any object or body, therefore, the experimental observation has allowed us through science to decipher most of the enigmas of our universe.

For example, the phenomenon of light is extremely complex, but nevertheless, in general we have used the straight line to indicate that it propagates in this way, and also, with an intrinsic movement in the form of electromagnetic waves by using both a magnetic and electric field as we can see in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Implementation of geometry in the understanding of light propagation

In the previous figure 1 you could witness the action of geometry in the understanding of the perpendicular propagation between the electric and magnetic fields with rectilinear direction thus generating the essential phenomenon of light, this has helped us a lot in the understanding of intrinsic phenomena such as the reflection of light rays and by interpreting the propagation in a straight line we can easily analyze this phenomenon in the best possible way, for example, describing both its angle of incidence and reflection as you can see in the following figure 2.


Figure 2. Understanding the reflection of light by means of its rectilinear propagation

In the previous figure 2 you could see another remarkable example of the action of geometry, specifically geometric optics which has been extremely fundamental for the remarkable understanding of both the generation of images and their propagation to reach our retinas, in future presentations we will continue to expand this remarkable effect or influence of geometry in the formation of the images which are transported by the light rays emitted by each object or body around us.

Now, my dear friends, this time in relation to the gif at the beginning of this article we will begin to know each of the elements or geometric shapes used for the conformation of the different bodies or objects around us, therefore, let us begin to describe initially what we mean by plane.

The plan

It is one of the types of universal spaces, where the different geometric shapes or figures are supported for the conformation of a certain body or object, therefore, to define it we can say that it is represented by the different points which generate or conform a two-dimensional space, that is to say, two-dimensional, where, any point belonging to this plane can be moved in any direction as long as it remains within this two-dimensional plane or two-dimensional coordinate system, and for this, each point belonging to this plane will have a pair of coordinates that universally we represent it with the variables x , y, as you can see in the following figure 3.


The Plane or two-dimensional coordinate system

After knowing in a general way one of the most implemented geometric spaces for the structuring of any shape, object or geometric body we can take the next step to begin to know the geometric figures that formed our gif image at the beginning of this article as you can see in the following figure 4.


Geometric shapes implemented in the objects or figures created in the gif at the beginning of the project

In the figure of the cover gif we continue to demonstrate how geometry is present everywhere, therefore, in future presentations we will continue to expand the action of geometry in our existence and the description of important geometric elements for a better understanding of what was expressed above.

Until another time, my dear and passionate @Hive.blog readers, especially @edu-venezuela.

Note: The images are my own created in Power Point and animated in Photoscape.

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