Education, science and technology in the study of wave motion

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First of all, my respectful greetings to all the Hive community, we continue with our essential purpose of being able to highlight the enormous task of the recognized trinomial science, technology and education, and as we know these areas of great impact on our development in all senses of the word.


Every step we have taken towards the interpretation of everything that surrounds us in the natural we owe it to the laborious work done by the wonderful science Physics, in this case we will bring or highlight the analysis of the waves and thus the wave motion, remember that the wonderful phenomenon of sound originates through a vibration of certain particles components of a body or object, ie, a vibratory motion which oscillates from one side to another of its stable equilibrium point.

Starting from the origin of sound we can say that it needs another type of mobility to propagate and this is what we know as wave motion, since through sound waves it is possible that sound can go from one side to another, but in addition to sound there is another essential phenomenon that requires such wave mobility to propagate in any space-time where it develops and this phenomenon is none other than that of light.

Light undoubtedly allows us to observe the world around us and thus learn from our natural environment, when talking about wave motion is undoubtedly relate to sound and light, and the latter belonging to the family of the electromagnetic spectrum, where it represents the referential spectral fraction for other radiation components of the spectrum, if we want to name some we can highlight the ultraviolet light, radio waves, X-rays, among others of great importance to mankind.

As you have noticed, wave motion plays a fundamental role in our lives and that is the reason for the great interest of man to know as much as possible about this movement, as in previous deliveries it is important to highlight the trajectory of this mobility as you can see in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Trajectory of an undulatory motion

The previous trajectory can be seen in any place where we are, for example, when we pour a certain amount of water over another that is at rest, we can observe the origin of circular waves on the surface of the water as shown in the following figure 2.


Figure 2. Example of wave motion

In the previous figure we can see how the water that we are pouring over the container supplies a certain amount of energy to the amount of water that is in the container, and this fact generates the circular waves that we have observed.

When we hear a sound we are in the presence of wave motion which propagates exclusively by a certain material or elastic medium, therefore, sound waves are mechanical waves because they propagate through the medium described above, and thus, transporting both mechanical energy, since in a vacuum these sound waves are not able to propagate, only light does, then you can see an example of wave motion when listening to any melody through our ears as you can see below in the following figure 3.


Figure 3. Wave motion of sound waves

The previous example also serves to highlight the important work in the field of technology because thanks to it we have achieved the development of innovative materials for the manufacture of musical implements such as those observed in the previous example, also through the wave motion is possible to understand important applications in our daily lives such as television and radio, to name a few examples.


Everything that we have extracted from our wonderful environment is undoubtedly due to our efforts and interest in understanding the world around us, and also, with this we manage to live in the best possible way as long as we achieve the right balance with our environment that sometimes we forget the importance that lies in our existence.

Every moment of our existence any kind of movement occurs and it manages to draw some kind of figure which we call trajectory as we could observe in a very general way with the wave motion, and thus, highlight again the essential task of the trinomial science, technology and education.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.

Note: The images are my own and were created in Power Point and the animated gifs in PhotoScape.

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