Education, science and technology in the study of the hyperbolic movement

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First of all, my respectful greetings to all the Hive community, it is unquestionable my dear friends that when we talk about every learning of our environment we refer to three essential fields of great impact for our evolution, that is, science, technology and, of course, education.


There are many forms of mobilities that we can observe in our environment, and thanks to the trinomial mentioned above we have been able to classify them in relation to their trajectory, which is why, in general, each movement has been described or classified in order to understand them in the best way, and also to put them into practice through certain technological applications.

We know the great importance of the phenomenon of movement in our lives, and this in any sense, it is for this reason, the great interest of us as humanity to spread it to any person on our planet and this purpose we have achieved thanks to the great effort of each of the people who are dedicated to teaching and are an essential part of the wonderful field of education.

That is why our purpose is to highlight the great work of these three fields described above, and in each of the previous presentations related to the phenomenon of movement, so far, we have been related in a general way with the circular, parabolic and elliptical mobilities or paths, and the most important thing is that these movements can be observed in our daily activities.

Many people on this planet may be able to visualize certain movements, however, they may be unaware of its important characteristics, as well as its applications in the area of technology, which has become, as we know, one of the fundamental pillars of our dizzying growth, both intellectually and in every sense of the word.

In this opportunity, in general terms, we will be related to the hyperbolic trajectory that can sometimes travel through any particle, body or object around us, and therefore, such mobility is linked to the geometric figure known as the hyperbola.


Figure 1. Hyperbolic path

The geometric structuring of the previous figure 1 has given us the possibility of being able to identify the path taken by a certain mobile when drawing a hyperbola, and with it, the hyperbolic movement, we know the complexity of our environment, but, thanks to the due scientific-educational language we have managed to transmit the learning of the movement everywhere.

An important mobility of this type could be found when a certain body or mobile manages to escape from the essential gravitational pull of our planet Earth, for example, a machine or space rocket, as you can see in the following figure 2.


Figure 2. Example of a hyperbolic motion

Clearly we can see how this special machine manages to overcome the escape velocity exerted by the gravitational field of our planet, therefore, when this happens, the trajectory will be that of a hyperbola, and thus, developing a hyperbolic motion.

Moving to our terrestrial crust, specifically in the maritime area, we can highlight another important example of this type of mobility detected by the LORAN communication system, as shown in figure 3 below.


Figure 3. Technological application in the description of hyperbolic mobility


Every human being is aware of the great importance of the phenomenon of movement in our lives, and we can observe it in different ways, i.e., carrying out various trajectories such as those observed in previous articles, i.e., circular, parabolic, elliptical and now hyperbolic.

It is important to highlight that the area of technology makes visible the development of these mobilities, which is why we consider this vital area as the application of every knowledge obtained from our environment by science, where, as we have seen so far, the phenomenon of movement is found.

Therefore, my dear readers, there is no doubt that the trinomial education, science and technology has not provided any kind of development in our walk through the space-time that we have had to live as humanity.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.

Note: The images are my own and were created in Power Point and the animated gifs in PhotoScape.

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