Education, science and technology in the study of spiral motion

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First of all, my respectful greetings to all the Hive community, So far we have demonstrated the enormous value of the essential trinomial for the acquisition of knowledge for the human being, that is, science-technology-education, and on this occasion we will continue to expand this aspect by analyzing the spiral movement in general.


Our eyes are reliable witnesses of the countless movements that develop around us, and each of them playing a vital role in our existence, so far we have given a tour of some mobilities of great impact on our development, where we can name the circular motion, rectilinear, parabolic, elliptical, cycloidal, epicycloidal, hypocycloidal and now spiral.

The most important thing to highlight is that each of the above mobilities can be seen all around us, and furthermore, implemented by the wonderful field of technology, that is why our great purpose is to highlight the great value of these three fields for our evolution in every sense.

To relate to this beautiful movement we must undoubtedly link with the trajectory drawn or described at the time of carrying out such mobility and this can be seen in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Trajectory of a uniform spiral

As you could see, each spiral is of the same width, thus the uniformity of this spiral trajectory. It is also important to highlight that this type of trajectory can be found with non-uniform spirals and we call them logarithmic spirals.

This type of movement can be easily observed in our homes when we manage to accumulate a certain amount of water or other liquid in a certain container which has a drain or hole to drain the container as you can see in the following figure 2.


Figure 2. A clear example of the spiral movement in our environment

In nature we could observe this type of mobility carried out by some living species of our planet, for example, the spiral movement of the tongue of a beautiful chameleon as you can see in the following figure 3.


Figure 3. Another clear example of a naturally occurring spiral movement

In this way we could point out any other type of spiral movement in our environment, the important thing is that each of these learnings has been structured and propagated through the trinomial mentioned above.


Undoubtedly my dear readers, everything that surrounds us is in a very abstract language and in many occasions difficult to understand, however, science, technology and above all education have allowed us a better understanding of each analyzed aspect of our environment.

The aforementioned is applied to the essential phenomenon of movement in each of its representations, and also, in the same way in those mobilities outside our visual reach, there are as we know a great number of enigmas still to be solved, however, our wonderful trinomial works on it to continue deepening any kind of knowledge still to be known, and this will be this way throughout our history.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.

Note: The images are my own and were created in Power Point and the animated gif in PhotoScape.

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