Education, science and technology in the study of oscillatory motion

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First of all, my respectful greetings to all the Hive community, on this occasion, my dear readers, we will continue to highlight the enormous work of the essential trinomial of science, technology and education, essential areas that have allowed our exponential development in every sense of our complex existence.


All our senses of perception are undoubtedly the most reliable witnesses of every phenomenon developed in our nature, but nevertheless, most of these natural events are imperceptible to these natural senses of our physical entity or body, which is why the great interest of man to structure tools for experimentation, and thus, to capture any learning of our very complex universe.

The complexity of the universe has allowed or impassioned man throughout its history by the conquest of knowledge of any space-time where we have been able to reach, and as we know we have taken giant steps in this direction, and this undoubtedly thanks to the trinomial described above which have provided us with fundamental learning as represented by the phenomenon of movement.

For this occasion we will speak in a general way of the oscillatory movement which we can say that it is immersed in each particle component of the body or objects that surround us both in our earth's crust and beyond it, and this we can check with the simple fact of the development of sound which to be carried out must necessarily be a certain vibration and such mobility belongs to the family of oscillatory phenomena.

In a previous article we were able to relate to the natural frequency of oscillation of objects or bodies and this in relation to the development of an important phenomenon such as resonance, since as long as a body does not exceed this natural frequency its component particles will not enter into resonance.

Every person on this planet can undoubtedly witness this type of mobility at every moment, since it develops when a body moves periodically and moves from one side to the other, that is, at both ends of its stable equilibrium position, this is what characterizes an oscillatory motion as shown in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Oscillatory motion of a simple pendulum

The previous action undoubtedly represents the clearest visible example of this type of mobility and intrinsically has a simple harmonic motion, so we can imagine in a microscopic way the oscillation carried out by a certain particle that vibrates and generates sound.

In this way, there are many visible examples of this type of movement in our environment, since when a child is on a swing and when he/she gives body energy to the apparatus, initially with his/her legs and then with his/her body weight, he/she carries out an oscillatory movement, that is, back and forth in relation to a stable equilibrium point, as you can see in figure 2 below.


Figure 2. Example of oscillatory motion

Of course technology has always put into practice every knowledge extracted by the scientific field, that is why we will continue with the conceptualization which expresses that technology is more than applied science and this in any time of our existence, for example in the ancient clocks, as you can see below in the following figure 3.


Figure 3. Technology in the description of oscillatory motion


Each trajectory followed by a given body characterizes the type of movement developed at that moment, in this way, man has managed to classify it in order to have a pattern for the various mobilities existing around us.

There is no doubt that science has worked incessantly throughout our history in order to offer other areas any form of knowledge and thus transform it into particular and essential applications as has the field of technology, and this is witnessed by each one of us.

All this learning of great importance for humanity necessarily has to be disseminated massively and this has been taken care of by the wonderful field of education in the best possible way through our academies and even beyond them, therefore, in this way we continue to highlight the essential work of the trinomial science, technology and education.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.

Note: The images are my own and were created in Power Point and the animated gifs in PhotoScape.

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