Education, science and technology in the study of elliptical motion

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First of all, my respectful greetings to all the Hive community, science through technology has been able to demonstrate or put into practice the different knowledge obtained from the natural environment that surrounds us, and of course, this environment is an intrinsic part of our existence as well as all the phenomena that take place in it.


Undoubtedly, as a living species of this complex universe, each acquired knowledge has helped us to extend our longevity, and in addition, we have managed to provide us with any form of comfort in the development of countless daily activities, where the analysis of the phenomenon of movement is an elementary part of the above mentioned.

Every living species in this universe undoubtedly owes its existence to the vital phenomenon of movement in its various forms, and it is therefore important to highlight the enormous work of both the field of science and the field of education, since both have allowed us to learn as much as possible about the fundamental natural events that take place in our environment.

In this third installment related to the phenomenon of movement we will be linked in a general way with the elliptical motion and some of its applications in our daily life, and it is here the great importance of the educational field for the proper propagation of this type of knowledge to the entire human species.

As in the previous two deliveries, we must express that this type of mobility has its name related to the trajectory traveled by a certain body, object or mobile, that is, through an ellipse, let's see this geometric figure and some of its constituent elements in the following figure 1.

Figure 1.JPG

Figure 1. Elliptical path

With the previous figure 1 we are relating to the referred elliptical motion of any body or object, and for this, it is important to bring or highlight a natural example of this type of mobility as represented by the movement of the planets of our solar system which revolve around the Sun following an orbit of elliptical type as you can see below in the following figure 2.


Figure 2. Planetary elliptical motion

Undoubtedly, this example is the most representative of a natural elliptical mobility, because the planets orbit around the Sun due to the fact that its mass is superior to those of the planets, and therefore, this important aspect is what makes it clearly the remarkable center of mass of our solar system.

If we were to look for another example of this type of mobility, but in this case carried out artificially, we would undoubtedly have to select the elliptical motion performed by certain artificial satellites, i.e. those whose orbit is that of an ellipse, highlighting that these satellites are sent into space in order to carry out certain missions such as scientific, communication and others.

It is important to say that not all the orbits used for the satellites are of elliptical type, however, they are usually of this type of trajectory as can be seen in the following figure 3.


Figure 3. Elliptical motion carried out by an artificial satellite

In fact, the previous movement is a notorious example of this type of elliptical mobility, and also very useful for our development in many ways, however, it is possible to observe this type of movement in some of our daily activities as you can see below in the following figure 4.


Figure 4. Elliptical billiard table


As we could realize in the phenomenon of movement is possible to observe it in different areas of our existence as visualized above, where, in this case was the elliptical motion of great impact for our development, and this is because in our solar system is developed by the planets orbiting around the Sun.

From the technological point of view we find this type of mobility carried out by those space machines called satellites and the same implemented to provide us with any type of development especially in the area of information about our planet and the events that can take place on it from the climatic point of view among others.

In fact, this mobility has been very important for us and that is the reason for the great interest in learning about this phenomenon, therefore, it is important to continue highlighting the immense work of three essential areas that have allowed both the acquisition and the expansion of this knowledge, i.e., science-technology-education.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.

Note: The images are my own and were created in Power Point and the animated gifs in PhotoScape.

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