Does our health depend on the type of personality we have?

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Greetings again my dear friends I hope you are all well, for no one is a secret that science is present in each of our activities, especially those related to the care of our health, for example, we know that technology applies each of the knowledge provided by science, and who could doubt the great technological advances thanks to science, and placed at the disposal of the care of our body, and even the care of the organisms of the different living species of this planet.

However, in this opportunity we will be linked to the existing relationship between our personality and the health of the body we possess, from a psychological aspect, that is to say, we could express that depending on our way of being, and also on how we perceive things, we attract risks of suffering diseases?

Perhaps some of you, including myself, have been asking this question for a long time, but what has science been able to contribute in this regard?

This subject has aroused the great interest of many scientists throughout our history, and also, thanks to their research, have stated that depending on our personality, this will influence directly or indirectly in our physical condition, we know that we all have our own criteria of thought, and express ourselves, these particular characteristics of each person, are those that somehow decrease or increase the chances of suffering from some kind of disease, therefore, would the cure of these diseases would be mental or, goes beyond this perception?

Personality vs. physical health

Many researches express that, those people who, with their way of assuming their responsibilities with firmness and strength, help them a lot to overcome moments of great difficulties, despite having everything against them, however, not everyone acts in this way, we have the other side of the coin, that is, those people who despite having everything in their favor, fail to fulfill their activities, these are prone to suffer from stress, anxiety, anger, among others, which in the end affect their physical state.

In order to continue providing scientific argumentation to this nexus, I can tell you that several prestigious universities have been given the task of deepening the subject, where they have determined how anger or rage plays an important role in our health, and that those people who are irritated, moody, hostile, are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, concluding that, our personality has a great influence on our daily habits, for example, leading a healthy life doing sports or physical exercise, or on the contrary a sedentary life, and even carrying out harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, among others, the latter practices harmful to our health, are attributed to impulsive people and with a high degree of being aggressive.


We can find a great deal of research in relation to the proposed topic, where they conclude that the personality of the individual, influences their physical health, for example, that person who has a negative attitude all the time, perceive for themselves an uncertain future, resulting in that this type of personalities are more likely to suffer from diseases that impact on their physical condition, very important, beyond their social status, ie, regardless of their purchasing power.

However, many experts in psychology constantly emphasize that we cannot fall into the trap of thinking that with our mental strength we can control everything that happens to us, it is important to always have a positive attitude in everything we want to do, that will help us to better manage our emotions and develop a personality that is up to the difficulties, but there will be events outside our mental strength and positivism, which help us to over take these events to happen, but not prevent them.

Many studies continue to analyze the existence of the correlation between human personality and physical health, which we can corroborate for ourselves, that is, to realize if our way of being influences the condition or physical health of our body, everyone will have the appropriate response to their experience, but everything indicates that health is in tune with our personality type, and what do you think?

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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Our health, especially mental health is of major concern. So been less aggressive and exhibiting zero annoyance will help keep our mental health stable.
Then as for drinking and smoking, well when one gets addicted to it, it becomes a problem. A lot of people might say the reason they are into it is because of depression but how is the equation balanced.
Thanks for sharing.

Hello, your contribution is excellent.

Our health, especially mental health, is of great concern. Therefore, being less aggressive and exhibiting zero discomfort will help to keep our mental health stable.

That's right you are absolutely right in what you express. Thanks for commenting. Regards.

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