Colors play an essential role in the learning process?

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, on several occasions we have emphasized that everything around us has some influence on us, and of course, we know that our universe is colorful so our natural optical systems (eyes) are dazzled by the light emitted by each light wave to enter them, and thus it has been proven that the colors are able to convey diversity of feelings such as sadness, joy, tranquility, among many other features.

Therefore, let us remember how the great historical character Sir Isaac Newton detected or discovered that the colors came from white light, for our case visible light for being within the spectral range that our eyes can perceive, this was done using a prism and through this let light from the sun, due to the change of propagation medium light was scattered originating colors such as red, yellow, blue, orange, green, indigo and violet.

This represented a transcendental step in our history, and with it, in our relationship with each of the colors that we know today, and that so much influence has had and will continue to have in our lives in any area where we are, the light besides allowing us to know the colors we know that it is through it that we can see the world around us as it is the transport of each image to our retina.

Therefore, when we observe a color is because our eyes are being stimulated by a wavelength corresponding to a certain flash of light emitting a particular color, this is why the great influence of colors in us as they are part of the light and the same always stimulate our vital sense of vision, example, not all colors have the same wavelength and this is what allows a wavelength perceive it differently or color.


In the previous example we observe how the light passing through an artificial lens is refracted and in its projection we see how the wavelengths of each color are different, this also occurs in our natural lenses, components of our optical system such as our eyes.

That is why the area of education has been concerned to know about the influence of colors in the learning process of our students, since not all of us perceive each color in the same way, since one of these light waves can be annoying and represent a distraction for them, but others cause a positive effect, therefore, we must be attentive to this, since whatever the approach is, we will obtain some kind of learning.



Since we are children, we internalize colors as we internalize our language, and with it, we grow, and we feel the effects of them in us, since they are found in every space-time where we are and in this way we relate our environment with the visual sensation of colors.

The colors generally we can express that they have a universal understanding, however, each person or student has an individual perception in relation to each color, in the educational field example, the green color helps to convey a sense of balance, and thus peace and security generating a space of concentration, this color is recommended in education to lower the levels of nervousness of students when they are in any evaluation.

In relation to the yellow color at educational level is recommended for the stimulation of mental functions of our students, however, located in strategic places, the orange color in education is associated with the stimulation of both mental processes and teamwork, therefore, we only knew in a general way some examples of colors and their action in the educational area, and thus we can see that everything around us has influence on our lifestyle including our education.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.



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That's an interested approach, which I have actually never paid attention to. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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Interesting topic. I learned a lot here. Thank you.

Hi @didiee glad to hear that, thanks for your visit and sharing your important point of view. Regards.

Thank you too.

Interesante este tema, pondré en práctica el uso de esos colores para experimentar y ver cuáles serán los resultados, todo lo que sea en beneficio de los estudiantes bienvenido sea. Saludos,amigo.

Hola @ramisey gracias por tu importante visita, los colores en sus diferentes longitudes de ondas son parte de todo lo que nos rodea, y es por eso de su gran utilidad en nuestros espacios educativos. Saludos amiga y espero que puedas obtener positivos resultados.

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