Assertiveness, a valuable social skill

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, our behavior like everything that surrounds us is varied and complex, and of this there is no doubt, through the years we have accumulated as civilized beings enormous knowledge of all caliber managed to structure our laudable history, and the same one, reliably relates all our advances in any type of matter related to our remarkable evolution, and for it, it is important to emphasize that the study of our behavior has allowed us besides to know ourselves, to give the agigantados steps of which we are reliable witnesses today.

Many aspects of our behavior have been analyzed with the purpose of improving it and consolidating our complex coexistence both as a human species and with all species that coexist with us, that is why in this opportunity it is important to ask ourselves, are we assertive people?

For this it is important that you can understand that an assertive person is one who has the ability to have confidence in himself, which gives him the enormous possibility to control their various emotions thus achieving clearly express what he feels and what he thinks, and a very important aspect to highlight is that he accepts his own mistakes, therefore in clearer terms we can say that assertiveness is that social skill that will allow us to communicate more clearly all our feelings, needs, our own ideas.

Therefore, when we acquire assertiveness we must consider it as part of our behavior which was acquired over time, and most importantly, socially approved by the people around us since this behavioral characteristic allows us a better relationship with these people, which from my point of view is the greatest value that assertiveness gives us.

Being an assertive person is of great value for each of us because it keeps our self-esteem at optimal levels, and consequently this gives us security in everything we do or want to do, and having security we can logically communicate clearly, and by possessing the above characteristics we can measure both the place and the time in which we must say or express what we think, and the latter, of great value for a healthy coexistence.

If we want to be an assertive person, we must learn or tolerate criticism as assertiveness makes us make the best of these criticisms and grow as people, another aspect of vital importance that personally cost me a lot is to know how to say "no", when we achieve this we improve our personal safety because we can not always provide support to someone, and if we do not know how to say no, this makes us automatically compromised, thus damaging the time available for other activities that deserve our attention, it does not mean that we will always say no to everything, the important thing is to know how to measure the time and space where we can not commit ourselves.

To conclude it is important to emphasize that an assertive person must always be polite because anger makes us cause confusion in our ideas and creates a non-assertive image of us, which is why we must value the point of view of others even if they do not agree with ours and thus fit in the best possible way all the ideas presented, but always expressing confidence, because in this way we will have control of our life and not accumulate negative thoughts that valla against us or against the people around us.

Assertiveness will always be a valuable social skill which we should all seek and propagate in all areas of our development, especially in education, where we find the people who will be responsible for the future of this planet, which increasingly requires people with this type of social skill, i.e. assertiveness.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.


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