Application of X-ray radiation in our body

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, countless are the phenomena that take place in our environment, and besides learning from them are essential for our existence, and no doubt, in this list of essential phenomena we find the light as a reference point of the wonderful family of electromagnetic radiation, where, this time we will analyze in general to X-rays and their implementation in our body.


When we refer to the phenomenon of light we are referring to the obtaining of the images that we observe of our surroundings, and this is due to the fact that through the luminous rays each figure or image that reaches our ocular system is transported until it is projected on our retina, thanks to this aspect this spectral fraction of white or visible light has become our reference within the family of electromagnetic radiation.

Our central star as the Sun is the natural source of the generation of a great quantity of electromagnetic radiations that reach our terrestrial crust, as is the case of white or visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, gamma rays and X-rays, however, thanks to the action of our natural protective shield as our atmosphere, short wave radiations such as gamma rays and X-rays are blocked or almost completely blocked, thanks to the action of our natural protective shield such as our atmosphere, short wave radiations such as gamma rays and X-rays are blocked or almost completely blocked, reaching the earth's crust radiations such as ultraviolet light, infrared light and, of course, our visible light.

The man through its so nourished scientific-technological history has achieved essential learning of each one of these electromagnetic radiations, and with it, managing to originate it in an artificial way, but, mainly to implement it in our body for the care of our health in all the senses, Although this type of radiation (X-rays) cannot be visualized through our ocular system because its short wavelength does not allow such action, however, another aspect to highlight is that this type of radiation is also very dangerous for our body because it belongs to the family of ionizing radiation, that is, they have the ability to change certain electrical charges of the atoms components of the molecules of our body or physical entity.

Energetic capacity of X-rays and their application in our body

In relation to our reference fraction, i.e. visible light, we can say that X-rays have more energy than our visible light, and this is because its wavelength is less than that of the reference fraction, therefore, the energy quantity of any electromagnetic radiation is inversely proportional to its wavelength, then, this energy will logically increase as the representative wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation to be considered decreases.

Therefore, my dear and attentive readers, we can say that due to this energetic capacity of X-rays, they are able to pass through our bodies and other objects that white or visible light cannot, as we can see in the following figure 1.


In the previous figure we can see the penetrability of X-rays, a feature of great importance for its implementation in the area of medicine through the so-called medical X-rays or radiographs, as we can see in the following figure 2.


In the previous figure 2, we could observe one of the most recognized applications for all of us as are the X-ray radiographs, and through these we can observe the inside of our body and apply it in our favor to cure any type of disease if any or verify that everything is in normal operation, however, it is always necessary to take into account the ionization capacity of such X-radiation to not expose ourselves too often to them.


As humanity, without a doubt, we have had the ability to learn about everything that surrounds us such is the case of our light and each one of the electromagnetic radiations, in this case we relate in a general way with one of the most recognized applications for all of us as are the X-ray radiographs, and that in one way or another each one of us sometimes has been performed for a medical purpose and of course health, then observe the spectral fraction belonging to the X-rays in the following figure 3.


It is important to emphasize that we have been able to obtain each knowledge thanks to the great task of the field of science and technology, and of course, such learning has been possible to expand them due to the enormous and valuable work of the field of education in all senses, therefore, we can say that we have developed thanks to the valuable action of science-technology-education.

Until another opportunity, my dear and esteemed readers, let us remember that everything that surrounds us will always provide us with the necessary knowledge to continue subsisting in this very complex but majestic universe of which we are all an indispensable part.

Note: All images are my own and were created using Power Point, and the animated gif was created using the PhotoScape application.

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