Analyze some of our habitual practices (talking alone out loud)

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, hoping you are all well, and to contribute to make you feel better, this time I will analyze with you one of our usual practices, such as talking to ourselves, does this action benefit us?

Our behavior is so complex that constantly, essential fields for our development, such as science, technology and education, are in constant communication and action, to interpret each of our usual practices, among them, undoubtedly we find that of speaking only out loud.

No one can deny that they talk to themselves on a daily basis, it can be in a silent or totally normal way, as if they were talking to another person, now I will analyze some aspects that from the point of view of science has thrown on this type of practice of human beings at any age.

One of our most common practices

Since we are children we get used to talk to ourselves, our imagination is one of the most relevant factors to activate this type of practice, and in this way, we create imaginary characters and stories that we enjoy a lot, therefore, our mind is kept active and at full speed, however, many people are worried about talking to themselves, especially when they do it out loud, are you one of them?

There are reasons to be concerned when we habitually speak aloud alone

It is no wonder that someone finds us talking alone and out loud, or on the contrary, stumble upon people who do the same, usually when we do this is in order to seek to solve some kind of problem, or reflect on all our activities, to see how we can improve ourselves, ie, a dialogue with our inner self.

Today, thanks to numerous studies, we understand that this type of practice is within our normal behavior, of course, as long as it is not accompanied by delusions, hallucinations, aggression, among other types of symptoms that may jeopardize our mental health.

Beyond the normal perception that we already have of this type of practice, our interest is to go deeper and verify what benefits we can obtain when we habitually speak aloud alone, some of which we will develop as follows.

What are the benefits of talking aloud to ourselves?

Any habit that provides us with skills for the resolution of our problems, we should consider it highly beneficial for our physical-emotional stability, and this aspect, according to studies, is achieved when we talk to our inner self, either silently or out loud.

Many times during our academic development, we apply the practice of studying out loud, this provably enhances our memory, and with it, we keep better memories, and as we said before, this type of practice allows us a better reflection of everything that happens to us daily.

Every day we propose different objectives, and self-talk aloud reminds us of them, and also allows us to clarify the path we have to take, since we can also reinforce ourselves positively, who else but ourselves to know ourselves, and give us, the self-push to achieve our goals set.

One of the most outstanding benefits is that this type of practice can help us to strengthen our intelligence, for example, according to studies, this action favors the generation of new neuronal connections, bringing with it the strengthening of our brain functions.


Years ago we were negatively impressed by people who self-reflected out loud, no doubt, we also did it, but silently, therefore, doing it out loud was something that generated fear in us, since we thought that our mental health could be weakening.

Therefore, we must clearly highlight the tireless work of the three essential fields for obtaining knowledge such as science, technology and education. Their work has allowed us to clarify the normality or not of many of our habitual practices, such as self-talking aloud, and has shown us each of the limits of this practice.

The most important thing is to show us the benefits of each of our habitual practices, as in this opportunity, when we talk out loud to ourselves, which also helps us to lower the levels of anxiety and stress that are the order of the day.

Creativity is one of the most outstanding qualities of the human being, and from our own experience, each one of us can affirm with all certainty that our inner self plays a fundamental role, especially when it is expressed aloud.

Let us channel all our daily activities without worrying, consulting aloud to our inner self, and we will notice more efficient results than when we keep everything to ourselves, and do not express it to anyone, including mainly to our inner self.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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Personally, I am not only talking alone, but often talking to my computer or tablet... That helps to clarify ideas. Really! (Well, at least in my case.)

Personally, I don't just talk to myself, I often talk to my computer or tablet..... That helps to clarify ideas, really!

It's the same for me too, it's a good way to self-reflect out loud, thanks for your visit dear @lemouth. Regards.

You are welcome. It is always a pleasure to pass by your blogs and read them ^^

I solved lots of work problems talking alone in the bath, getting coffee in the cafeteria... people must think I am crazy lol

I solved many work problems by talking to myself in the bathroom, drinking coffee in the cafeteria... people must think I'm crazy hahaha.

That happens to all of us nowadays, my friend, the important thing is that it has become one of our most frequent habits, and moreover, supported by numerous studies.

Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone. Regards

 6 months ago (edited)

people must think I am crazy lol

Although I am sure many behave the same. Is it a proof we live in a crazy world? ;-)

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We can get away with talking outloud to ourselves today. Everyone will just think that we are talking into a cell phone.

To be honest. I suspect that if some one from a century ago traveled to the modern the world, the time traveler would think that people had gone stark raving mad as most of the people on the street appear to be talking to themselves while ignoring the people around them.


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Hello friend, excellent reflection that you have shared with us, you are absolutely right in what you express:

Since most people on the street seem to be talking to themselves while ignoring the people around them.

That is why it is one of our usual practices. Greetings and thanks for such a valuable contribution.

Most of the times I find solutions to my problems talking with me out loud! lol Good to see that I am not crazy!

Most of the time I find solutions to my problems by talking to myself out loud! It's good to see that I'm not crazy!

That's right my friend, nowadays it is proven to be one of our most common practices.

Thanks for your valuable input. Greetings.


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