The Guide on Custom Airpods Case Cover

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Airpods cases meet the highest aesthetic quality standards and are built to last. The case is an integral part of any smartphone user’s life because we use our headphones every day and put them in an airpod case cover for charging and/or storage. We can help you produce custom cases, and we have the capacity to produce thousands of cases a day.

Retain Original Function Of Airpods

The Airpods case manufactured by Qstomize does not interfere with the original performance of the Airpods. For example, if you have a new generation of Airpods and want to adjust them by tapping the buttons, our cover will not cover these buttons and will prevent you from using them physically. This is a big problem for other manufacturers who don’t care about the Airpods user experience.

Our cases are designed to provide maximum protection to Airpods and have 100% pure silicone shock-absorbing properties. The wireless headset case, like the phone case, should protect the device in airpod case cover it accidentally falls. If your AirPods are accidentally dropped or scratched out of your pocket, our covers protect the Airpods and make sure the device works optimally.
Plastic and Silicone

Plastic cases are popular, but have less resistance to shocks and can break. Having a durable silicone airpod case cover provides your headset with the highest protection, as they contain a multi-layer silicone coating designed to absorb shock.
Easy Maintenance

Pure silicone is highly resistant to feathers, dust, trim, and other structural damage. There are no materials that are 100% resistant to dust and clogging, but silicone is the most effective in preventing the growth of harmful chemicals in this airpod case cover. If you use materials such as metal or plastic, there is a greater risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. This is minimized in silicone clamps that require very little maintenance.

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Custom Silicone Airpod Cases

To store Qstomize Custom Silicone Airpod cases, you need to rinse the container with a little water. Silicone coatings are very soft to the touch and attract fingerprints, but fingerprints are usually transparent. The advantage over other materials is that silicone coatings are very easy to store and have a long service life.
Creative Designs

We offer creative designs and custom laser prints for the airpod case cover. We can develop your brand idea and/or incorporate existing logos into your design. We can work with all colors and bend silicone materials to your liking. We currently have the ability to make cases for all popular models of Airpods, but we can help you with cases for other wireless headphones.